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NATEL’s Commitment to America’s Armed Forces

Our troops depend on NATEL. Very few of them know that we make critical things happen for them. From a Patriot missile that shoots down an approaching enemy missile, to guiding a rocket in outer space to intercept an incoming nuclear missile, to a radar warning receiver that alerts pilots that they are vulnerable to an… Read More

NATEL Creates Touch-Free Microelectronic Assembly Line

“NATEL EMS has created a hands-free microelectronics assembly line”, announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “At NATEL we have built our company based on high quality, high reliability manufacturing,” explained Arora. “It is a directive within our company to standardize and eliminate all variability in our system. The Auto Line is a prime example of our commitment… Read More

NATEL Installs Stealth Line for Microelectronics

In an industry first, and major innovation to emulating the Chip Shooter lines prevalent in the Surface Mount Technology ( SMT ) industry, NATEL has developed and installed a STEALTH-LINE for Chip and Wire Assemblies. The line incorporates epoxy dispense/stamping, die placement equipment with eutectic die attach capability, automatic wire bonders, ribbon bonders and cure… Read More

News Release – Advanced Microelectronic Modules for Medical Devices

Natel Engineering Co. manufactures medical microelectronic modules for human implant. Products manufactured include heart-pacers and defibrillators that have been FDA approved for human implantation and are primarily used for heart arrhythmia problems. Thousands have been shipped for human implant. Natel has experience in the packaging design and manufacturing of medical modules such as defibrillator hybrids, power scan… Read More

Producing Hybrids Produces Results – Article published in EPP Magazine

Producing Hybrids Produces Results – Electronic Packaging & Production Magazine (EPP), November 2002 Issue Department of Defense (DOD) contractors are feeling increasing pressure to minimize costs. To alleviate this pressure, many DOD contractors have turned to outsourcing as an efficient, cost-effective method of producing many of their systems. One such case of outsourcing producing positive results… Read More

Design Guide Provides Useful Information on Wire Bonding

Natel Engineering Co., a leading manufacturer of high-end microelectronic modules and hybrids for a wide range of industries, announces the release of a new design guide on understanding wire bonding in microelectronic design. This new guide provides a series of rules that, if implemented prior to layout, help microelectronic designers stay within the wire bond limits,… Read More

Microelectronics Modules can be Manufactured Efficiently

Microelectronics Modules can be Manufactured Efficiently and Cost-Effectively With NATEL Natel Engineering Co., a leading manufacturer of high-end microelectronic modules, offers complete outsourcing capabilities for efficient manufacturing solutions. Natel is a premier provider of quality hybrids, MCMs, COBs, and many other module types, including 10G – 40G high frequency products. With advanced manufacturing capabilities, Natel offers… Read More

Informative White Paper Offers Valuable Insight

Informative White Paper Offers Valuable Insight Into Microelectronic Hybrid/Module Outsourcing Natel Engineering Co., a leading manufacturer of high-end microelectronics modules and hybrids for numerous industries, introduces an informative new white paper outlining the benefits and considerations involved in outsourcing. The new white paper gives an insiders’ look at the world of microelectronic outsourcing, providing background information, current… Read More

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