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Microelectronics Services

Rising Demand for Smaller, Lighter, and More Durable Products Fuels the Need for Advanced Microelectronics Solutions

As technology advances, products are becoming smaller, lighter, and more powerful, with the highest quality and performance standards. Your customers depend on these standards to ensure optimal product performance. In the field of microelectronics, precision is crucial. At NEOTech, our team of experts, with decades of experience, leverages cutting-edge production tools and an empowered workforce to deliver reliable, high-tech microelectronics services for the most demanding and regulated markets.

We know that the systems of tomorrow are becoming more critical today.

Because of this, your microelectronics manufacturing partner must provide the vision and technological expertise to guide you there. NEOTech is a recognized leader in advanced microelectronics manufacturing and assembly solutions. With over 40 years of experience in technology leadership, we specialize in high-complexity and high-reliability products designed for challenging environments. Our extensive expertise positions us to design, manufacture, and deliver microelectronic products that consistently surpass our customers’ expectations.

Microelectronics are rapidly being integrated in to more and more products, demanding high-reliability and intense performance expectations. Open new design possibilities with an ever advancing technology.

Our experienced team, led by industry veterans, collaborates closely with customers to meet their needs with expertise and efficiency

Electronics Manufacturing Services | NEOTech

Experts in cutting-edge technology

Aerospace & Defense Contract Manufacturing | NEOTech

Robust microelectronics for harsh conditions

Aerospace and mission critical products | NEOTech

Solutions for complex mission-critical products

The NEOTech Advantage in Microelectronics

Our industry experts stay at the forefront of microelectronics, advancing new technologies with innovative materials and high-reliability assembly services. With over 40 years of experience, we collaborate with innovators across various industries and applications. Together, we achieve more.

Ceramic Substrates

We offer a comprehensive range of thick film solutions, including low-temperature co-fired (LTCC) and high-temperature co-fired (HTCC) ceramics. These substrates are meticulously chosen to match the specific environment and application.

We collaborate with a diverse array of OEMs across various industries, providing solutions for telecommunications, medical implantable devices, and defense applications.

Microelectronics Assembly

NEOTech supports every aspect of your microelectronics assembly. Our team of design specialists and engineers collaborates with you from prototyping to production. Our expertise spans high-frequency millimeter and microwave devices for defense and space applications to implantable electronic devices, streamlining the design and assembly process. We provide comprehensive analysis in electrical, mechanical, and thermal fields, and develop specific testing for components to ensure quality production and high-reliability manufacturing.


Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic Substrates

Microelectronics Assembly

Microelectronics Assembly
NEOTech Microelectronics for Space Missions

Space Qualified Manufacturing

Space Qualified Manufacturing
Microelectronics manufacturing for implantable medical

Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable Medical Devices

Quality Electronics and Microelectronics Manufacturing Services from NEOTech

Broad range of capabilities:

  • Chip and Wire Hybrids
  • Mixed Manufacturing (SMT + Chip & Wire)
  • Multi-Chip-Modules (MCMs)
  • Eutectic & Epoxy Die Attach
  • Wire bonding
  • Chip on Board
  • Gold Stub Bump Die
  • Flip Chip, CSP and BGA attach
  • Hermetic packaging

Regulatory expertise and certifications:

  • AS9100C
  • ITAR Registered
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • MIL-PRF-38534
  • J-STD-001
  • IPC-A-610

Hybrid Manufacturing:

  • Class 10K and 100K clean rooms with ESD and FOD controls
  • Continuous and contiguous automatic lines
  • Automatic boat transfer system
  • Element attach – Ball-grid array, chip-on-board, chip and wire, plated through-hole, SMT, multi-chip technology, and mixed technology
  • Interconnects – Wire, Ribbon, Wedge Bonding, Automatic wire pull
  • Hermetic Electronic Packing – Linear welding systems, Laser welding systems, DAP seal systems, One-shot weld systems

Environmental Screening & Testing:

  • Mechanical Shock
  • Constant Acceleration
  • Fine Leak Test
  • Gross Leak Test
  • Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND)
  • Burn-in
  • Temperature Cycling

Your product is vital and must meet your customer's quality demands

Expand your team to include NEOTech’s industry experts. Contact us and let’s discuss your specific design and product requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.