Manufacturing Services

Focused Market Expertise, Scale and Proximity


NEO Tech’s board-level printed circuit board assembly processes support customers with needs from extremely low cost to extremely high reliability. 

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Box Build

NEO Tech’s test engineering expertise ensures that every complex customer quality requirement is met.

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Direct Fulfillment

NEO Tech can ship directly from plants in Mexico and the U.S. to ensure flexible response times and worldwide customer support.

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Repair & Refurbishment

We have managed to keep our repair depot active by offering the service for our customers as well as for depot-specific customers.

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Emerging Business Model

NEO Tech recognizes that emerging businesses have unique needs and have crafted a solution we call VELOCITY that directly address the early stage manufacturing needs of these new OEMs.

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With years of cable and harness manufacturing experience, we have developed a wide variety of cable and harness products.

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NEO Tech offers the most advanced manufacturing technologies and supply chain management capabilities in the Electronics Manufacturing Services business.

With our diverse experience building microelectronicsprinted circuit board assembly (PCBA) and simple to complex systems integration, we’ve distinguished ourselves by adding a wide range of solutions that make us the premier end-to-end, one-stop-shop for delivering innovative products.

Our Focus

Our team of experts in electronic manufacturing is known for its operational excellence and we work collaboratively to design and implement tailored supply chains to each customer’s individual needs to bring flexibility and speed to meet demanding deadlines.

With the NEO Tech focus on providing quality services, we have become one of the top global electronics manufacturing companies in the world today. We are able to work with our customers to provide cutting edge technology in our electronics manufacturing services that help to manage costs while increasing durability and component reliability throughout its life cycle.

We’ve assembled an innovative team of engineers and supply chain experts whose industry-specific expertise and creativity helps NEO Tech architect a solution that fits the constraints of your business environment. We offer electronic contract manufacturing services that are truly customized and tailored to our customer’s requirements and specifications.

We’ve also built systems and processes that enable our teams to leverage our collective capabilities and the convergence of technologies across all our industries, which allows all of our client to benefit from the very best of what NEO Tech has to offer.