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Direct Fulfillment

The Challenges of Direct Order Fulfillment Require Logistics Experts with Real-World Solutions

NEOTech has long provided our customers with Direct Order Fulfillment solutions that simplify the complex issues of logistics requirements, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing costs. Talk with our teams about these value-added solutions to make fulfillment a win-win for everyone.

Take advantage of NEOTech’s in-depth experience with industrial and complex regulatory requirements. To successfully design a direct fulfillment program is not a one-solution-fits-all scenario. We understand that each product is unique and each customer’s fulfillment requirements are unique. NEOTech can provide product specific and scalable solutions at every stage of production.

NEOTech is able to ship direct from plants in Mexico and the U.S. to ensure flexible response times and worldwide customer support. Our in-house customs brokerage service helps us minimize logistics costs and cross-border shipment times. In addition, we offer subassembly Kanban stocking programs to support rapid direct order fulfillment.

Flexible Models and Custom Tailored Solutions all backed by our highly experienced fulfillment teams dedicated to effective customer service


  • NEOTech offers pick, pack, and ship solutions to allow our customers to reduce cost and inventory. CTO turnarounds are typically measured in hours.

Direct Order Fulfillment

  • Global logistics support
  • End-user software load
  • End-user packaging
  • In-house customs brokerage service to support our global customer base
  • Order and aftermarket support to customers anywhere in the world
  • Finished goods Kanban stocking programs
  • Common subassembly Kanban stocking to facilitate  custom configuration in high mix,
    variable demand projects
  • Serialization, packaging and status reporting integrated with test

Let’s discuss your specific design and production requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.

EMS Operations to lower costs


Your product is vital and must meet your customer's quality demands

Expand your team to include NEOTech’s industry experts. Contact us and let’s discuss your specific design and product requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.