Implantable Medical Devices

NEO Tech has experience manufacturing advanced implantable devices and electroceuticals such as neuro stimulation devices, implantable RF transceivers, and cochlear implants require advanced microelectronics. NEO Tech has the experience and capability to support OEMs which are pushing the technological boundaries of implantable solutions in these emerging medical applications. 

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Medical Microelectronics Solutions

NEO Tech’s medical and implantable microelectronics services include:

  • Miniaturization by use of microelectronic high density packaging technologies
  • Interactive DFM/DFT
  • Electrical, mechanical, and thermal analysis
  • Development of electrical, functional and environmental tests that support high-reliability manufacturing

NEO Tech’s medical microelectronics manufacturing sites are ISO13485:2003 certified. Microelectronic capabilities include:

  • Wafer & Die Processing
  • Die attach using a variety of epoxies and other materials
  • Placement capability of all device types including RF and MMIC devices
  • Automated wire bonding including gold and aluminum wedge, and gold ball bonding
  • Custom microelectronic packaging, including multichip packaging (MCP), multichip modules (MCM), power modules, chip-on-board (COB), chip-scale-modules (CSM)

The microelectronic assembly and test services are carried out in NEO Tech’s Class 100 laminar benches and 100k clean rooms with ESD and FOD controls. This area, as well as the main production areas, feature complete environmental controls. We use continuous and contiguous automatic lines to reduce touch and improve reliability.

Cochlear Implant

Microelectronics for cochlear implants.

Implantable Wireless Communications

Implantable RF transceivers that operate at 400 MHz ISM band for implantable medical device communication and programming.

Bion Devices

Bion devices used for stimulation and sensing.

Neuro Stimulators

Neuro stimulators incorporating high I/O, custom ASIC chip-on-board technology for a high level of integration and miniaturization.

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