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Case Studies

Collaborative Engineering for Microelectronic Circuit Miniaturization in Satellite Applications

An OEM building and launching geostationary communications satellites needed to design and build a series of new control and telemetry modules for their new satellite system. The new modules needed to fit in a compact physical space while achieving very demanding performance. This required a more miniature electronic package technology versus earlier generations of satellites.

Medical Device OEM Partners with NEOTech to Innovative IoT Product

A medical device leader in products and services that advance orthopedic care faced the challenge of introducing IoT into one of their bracing product lines. The OEM identified a market need/opportunity to monitor patient activity levels; which required the integration of both electronic sensors and wireless connectivity to its generally mechanical orthopedic brace product.

NEOTech Collaborates with Aviation Industry OEM to Design a New Operations Automation Device for In-flight Use

Re-thinking the Aviation industry product development process: Collaborative engineering solution with NEOTech results in the functional integration of commercial wireless technology into an innovative IT solution for the aviation industry with an accelerated product development cycle.

Medical Sustaining Engineering

Component obsolescence issues that result in supply disruption are a challenge faced by medical industry OEMs with mature products. NEOTech offers engineering service solutions to assist OEMs in redesign activity that can help them extend the product lifecycle of their products, acting as a seamless extension of the OEM’s internal engineering organizations.
Microelectronics Manufacturing Facilities - NEOTech

Successfully Navigating the Nearshore Movement

NEOTech confirmed through several real customer examples that companies can achieve globally competitive costs with nearshore solutions with the additional benefits of having increased flexibility and lower risks.

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