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Engineering Design Services

Collaborative Engineering Solutions Integrated into Your Production Roadmap

Today’s high-tech environment continues to challenge the delivery of quality products to your customers. Our Design Services team demonstrates daily our proven ability to execute innovative design engineering solutions for the world’s most complex products.

We know that the systems of tomorrow are becoming critical today.

Your design team understands your customer’s needs and your product requirements inside-and-out. Our design teams know every aspect of product design to improve manufacturability, increase efficiency, and reduce production fall out. Through careful evaluation, commercialization studies, and a combination of experience and expertise, our design team will offer inputs to optimize your design that safeguard against production failures and secure higher quality at reduced overall costs. Then, utilizing our quality management system refined over many years, we drive the seamless transition from design to completed product.

We work with you as an extension of your team – side-by-side – to ensure your product requirements exceed expectations.

For 40-years, we have created an impressive record of working side-by-side with our customers to identify product needs, and then designing quality products that ensure our customers success.

From concept-to-customer, we take your product idea and develop it to become a reality. Together, we achieve more.

Best-in-Class Engineers

Proven Ability to Execute

Solutions to Complex Product Challenges

Engineering Design Services


Design Service Offerings

Design for test, DFx - NEOTech EMS

DFX Services

Reduce overall product cost and improve quality with Design for Excellence (DFX) Services. NEOTech provides DFX reviews to identify issues that will impact product cost, quality, and delivery during the design process and makes recommendations for design improvement.

Connecting NEOTech into your design process enables us to help integrate our manufacturing and supply chain expertise early at the design stage.
Design for excellence, DFx - NEOTech EMS

Design for Manufacturing

Engineering Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis uses proven techniques to review your PCBA designs and identify areas of improvement that remove potential failures, reduce fall-out, increase reliability, and ultimately improve manufacturability. Our engineers will review PCBA layer and layer density for opportunities for cost savings through layer count reduction and component consolidation opportunities, as well as general process ability. Post build reviews will be conducted following each production cycle – reviewing process parameters, yield, yield improvements, and production plans creating manufacturing process changes or recommended design changes to enhance yield and decrease product cost.


Design for test process - NEOTech EMS

Design for Test

Through a Design for Test (DFT) review, product improvements are made to optimize test access and enhance the test strategy for the best fit of test solutions. In-Circuit Test (ICT) is generally used for the detection of manufacturing process defects at the board level. Typical defects found are wrong component populated, wrong orientation of the component, or missing component. Functional Test is offered to simulate the end functional application and environment of the product. Utilizing the powerful analysis tool Test Wise, our engineers can ascertain if the design has the proper test coverage to fulfill test strategy requirements.

Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE)

NEOTech works with customers to unlock value through our Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) process. VAVE is a continuous improvement strategy in the areas of Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test, Quality Analysis, and Design for Procurement (Supply Chain). NEOTech’s analysis provides the customer a value-add service by optimizing design specifications for component life cycles, supplier risks, and processes among other items. This provides our customers a way to simplify their PCBA design, allowing for lower overall costs and keeping your product competitive in the marketplace.

Our Value Engineering Team — comprised of component, manufacturing, process, and test engineers — address VAVE in:

  • Life cycle analysis
  • Supplier selection
  • Pipeline risk
  • Test enhancements
  • Manufacturing
  • Scrap causes
  • Quality improvement

VAVE Capabilities:

  • PCBA and Subsystem design/ layout
  • Robust engineering toolsets for design for procurement (DFP), design for manufacturability (DFM), and design for test (DFT)
  • Value Engineering workshops
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) toolsets
  • Concurrent Engineering support
  • Process technology roadmaps – leading edge processing technologies
  • Design proof-of-concept analysis

Digital and FPGA Circuit Design Services - NEOTech EMS

Digital Design

Advances in new technology continue to grow at a staggering pace. NEOTech has experts with in-depth digital design skillsets serving a variety of industries for Digital and FPGA circuit design requirements. Our digital design team is staffed with highly experienced engineers, and recognized as a premier industry leader we strive to provide top-notch engineering solutions to our OEM customers to meet or exceed product requirements.

Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design - NEOTech EMS

We have the talent to complete any digital circuit design project. Our team can perform electronic circuit design, as well as mixed signal design for both analog and digital. Plus, digital and FPGA circuit expertise to create field-programmable integrated circuits.

To serve all your unique design and engineering needs, our team offers a wide range of experience in a variety of design related subject areas:

  • Embedded systems
  • System architecture and engineering
  • 8/16/32/64 bit Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
  • High Speed Memory (DDR2 & DDR3) with BIST
  • FPGA (VHDL & Verilog) – Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi
  • High Speed SERDES (PCIe Express)
  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wide variety of communication functionality
    • Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, and Bluetooth low energy
    • WiLan
    • WWAN

Analog Circuit Design Services & RF and Wireless Design - NEOTech EMS

Analog Design

Engineering requirements for analog circuits become more stringent as high-tech products become more complex. As OEMs continue to develop leading-edge products to meet their customer’s demands utilizing the latest IoT connectivity and advanced user interfaces, we provide the engineering expertise integrated in to our electronics manufacturing best-practices to optimize the product design. NEOTech’s team of Analog engineers are highly experienced in providing innovative solutions for each unique analog circuit design.

The NEOTech team is well-versed in all facets of analog electrical design services including mixed signal, analog circuit, wireless, and RF design services to ensure efficient and comprehensive completion of development programs that improve your new product time-to-market.

  • Mixed signal design
  • Analog-to-Digital (ADCs)
  • Digital-to-Analog (DACs)
  • Active Filters
  • Passive Filters
  • Sensors
  • Motor Control
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Low-Noise Circuit Design

Mechanical Prototyping and Fabrication - NEOTech EMS

Many of NEOTech’s RF design and test core team have history that spans back to AT&T/Bell Labs, and have diverse skills sets to draw upon when serving your company’s product development needs. Coupling this experience with our top-of-the-line engineering tools provides our customers the unique position of selecting the most suitable technology aligned with their unique needs.


RF and Wireless Design Solutions Available to Suit Your Needs:

  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  • End to End Designs – Antenna – Thru – Network
  • Expertise in antennas
  • Numerous Mesh Network Solutions developed via multi-RF Networks
  • RF Amplifier development up to 20W
  • RF Test Development for wireless solutions – DC – 30 GHz range
  • RF Cellular Solutions – Base Station routers for GSM, 2G, 3G and LTE & WiMAX Deployments
  • Communications to Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blue Tooth (BLE) – Low Energy or Classic and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • GPS and Wi-Fi
  • ZigBee based products

Design Services for Electro-Mechanical Products - NEOTech EMS

Industrial & Mechanical Design

Today’s high-tech markets demand products that make life and work easier, are aesthetically pleasing, and deliver the performance expected with quality standards second-to-none. NEOTech utilizes Industrial & Mechanical engineering resources that bring a value-added benefit to your organization by providing innovative solutions for your most complex product challenges.

With several years of high-technology experience developing and engineering a wide-range of products for some of the world’s largest OEM’s, our teams have created quality standards and design techniques to assist you taking a product from concept to delivery to your customers. We give you the tools and the talent to make sure you deliver what you said, when you said.

Industrial Design Strategy

Plastic housing in industrial electronic design - NEOTech EMS

Our research methodology focuses on discovering and mapping opportunities to be cultivated into executable plans of action.

  • Design research
  • Ethnographic research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Human factors / ergonomics
  • Trend & technology research
  • Manufacturing & cost analysis
  • Data synthesis

Industrial Design Offering

Our industrial design team knows that ultimately the product needs to be manufactured and keeps this in mind throughout the entire design and development process, while never losing sight of the user’s needs.

  • Ergonomic evaluation & prototypes
  • Use-case & visual storyboards
  • Rapid concept generation & brainstorming
  • Product styling
  • Photo-realistic renderings

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers work closely with our design team to ensure the proper look, feel and functionality of a product is carried throughout the development process. We work to minimize development risk by prioritizing manufacturing needs early on.

Industrial enclosure for electricity - NEOTech EMS

  • Mechanical design
  • Analytical engineering
  • Solid & surface modeling
  • DFMA & production support
  • Machine design
  • Plastic design
  • ProE

Mechanical Prototyping and Fabrication

In-house 3D printing capability provides quick turn-around which allows for more design iterations in a shorter period-of-time.

  • 3D Printing
    • Stratasys Object (polyjet)
    •  FDM (fused deposition modeling)
    •  SLA (stereo lithography)
  • Cast Urethane Multiples
  • CNC Machining
  • Metal Fabrication
    • Water jet Cutting
    • CNC & Manual Machining
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Welding (MIG & TIG)
    • PEM Hardware Insertion

Electronic circuit board design by NEOTech EMS

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Design

Your engineers are experts in your products requirements and the functionality needed for your end users. As such, they may not know best practices for PCBA design to ensure quality and reliable manufacturability. Let NEOTech step in as your trusted PCBA design resource. We have the engineers that are experts at printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design and layout that interface daily with manufacturing engineers on best practices to ensure a high-quality design layout right from the start.

As part of your electronics manufacturing, our PCBA engineers are ready to provide design and layout services using their highly trained expertise to work together with your team generating innovative and reliable circuit card assembly solutions.

Wide Range of Expertise

With experience in FR4, Rigid-Flex, Rogers, and Ceramics, our engineering design services team can ensure quality products to meet your printed circuit board design needs. NEOTech’s engineering expertise includes advanced technology such as microvias, via-in-pad, ultra-fine pitch BGAs and POP. Our engineering design services are supplemented by decades of experience in a variety of areas:

  • Sustaining Solutions (EOL and cost-reduction redesigns)
  • High-speed serial / high-speed parallel
  • High-density layouts
  • Mixed-signal (analog and digital) and electronic, and digital circuit design
  • Impedance-controlled products
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant Lead (Pb)-Free designs
  • Quick-turn projects
  • DFM / DFT / DFX

State-of-the-Art Toolsets

Our design team uses a high-quality engineering toolset that allows them to ensure quality and reliability in each printed circuit board project by using equipment such as, MicroWave Office, Altium, and Mentor, among others. This toolset helps us providing medical, industrial, and mission critical defense applications with inventive solutions and quality service.

Toolset includes:

  • Altium, Cadence, Mentor
  • Altera Quartus II
  • MicroWave Office
  • Xilinx Vivado Design Suite and Xilinx ISE – ModelSim Digital Design Tools
  • Hyperlynx High Speed PCB Simulation and RF Design Tools
  • Texas Instruments TINA SPICE based Simulator
  • AutoCAD

automated and semi-automated test solutions for EMS - NEOTech

Test Engineering

Every product, from the simplest PCBA to complex electro-mechanical assemblies, has countless hours of design engineering invested into it; so now is not the time to overlook an integrated test strategy to monitor performance and ensure a zero-defect production run. At NEOTech, we thoroughly analyze your product design and operating requirements to develop a complete test strategy that identifies possible quality issues, then implement testing methodologies to lower production cost, reduce fall-out, and create faster time to market.

Quality is your… and our Top Priority! We make sure with early defect detection. Our test engineering team ensures that quality requirements are met through a wide range of problem-solving techniques. Working side-by-side with the design engineers, our test engineers embed Design for Test thinking in to the product strategy minimizing capital and resource investment for mass manufacturing.

Test Strategy – NEOTech test engineers ensure the appropriate level of testing is performed at the earliest stage in the process to reduce cost through early defect detection.

Variety for test platforms including:

  • Full Turnkey In-Circuit Test (ICT) development
  • Flying Probe Test
  • System Verification Test (SVT) development
  • Functional Verification Test (FVT) development
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) and real-time x-ray analysis
  • RF testing including frequency calibration, PAM/FSK/PWM, GPS, Pager, WiFi, 802.11B,D

Extension of customer’s test department for test integration and development:

  • Development and utilization of automated and semi-automated test solutions
  • Design and assemble test stations and fixtures
  • Reverse engineer test systems
  • Test coverage mapping to ensure conformance to NEOTech’s model to ensure delivered quality
  • Management of third-party test developers and fixture suppliers
  • Integration of customer-supplied test platforms for volume production

Development of tests for environmental and performance robustness using the following test methods:

  • Burn-in
  • Liquid Burn-in
  • Temperature Cycle
  • Mechanical Shock
  • Constant Acceleration
  • Gross and Fine Leak
  • Krypton Leak
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) processes to uncover latent failures and guide DFM/DFT processes

Prototype engineering - NEOTech EMS

Prototype Engineering

New and complex electronic products are very difficult to get right in just the first try. Mistakes in placement, orientation, and clearances can arise even though everything seemed in-line through the design process. NEOTech offers Prototyping services integrated in to our transition management process, helping get your product to market faster by correcting any issues that cause delays in manufacturing full production runs.

Your product is vital to your customers, and we make sure the prototyping evaluation gets it right by catching any costly design mistakes or inefficiencies in component selection. NEOTech design engineering teams provide quick turn prototype services to produce early stage samples for engineering evaluation and product functional validation.

  • Complete Kitting
  • Revision controlled BOM’s
  • SMT – Surface Mount Technology
  • PTH – Plated Thru Hole
  • Second Operations
  • Wave / Selective Solder
  • Rapid Turn Times
  • 2-4 day turns possible with Expedite
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Test – Initial or full test available

High-caliber Engineering Services - NEOTech EMS

New Product Introduction

Each of our production locations also offer a full suite of New Product Introduction (NPI) services that aids customers in the seamless transition from the design phase into full scale production. These include development of tooling, production and test processes, and quality documentation, as well as early stage and pilot builds for process and market evaluations.

Sustaining Engineering for an electronic system's life cycle – NEOTech EMS

Sustaining Engineering

As quickly as new component technology opens the doors to better and more advanced product specifications and development, older components also become obsolete and no longer available. Optimize supply chains and extend product life cycles with NEOTech.

NEOTech leverages our extensive engineering, supply chain and aftermarket services expertise to sustain our customer’s products throughout their lifecycle. By providing customized aftermarket services, we optimize the supply chain and extend product life cycles that enable OEMs to further benefit from the cash generated on their original product development investments. Our history of servicing products in FDA regulated medical markets provides our customers’ solutions that deliver superior customer satisfaction. Our broad range of aftermarket solutions is customized to enable your product’s success long after launch into the marketplace.

NEOTech Sustaining Engineering Solutions include:

  • Lifecycle management
  • Redesign for cost reduction and improved reliability
  • Redesign for obsolescence mitigation
  • Failure and root cause analysis
  • Managing ASIC discontinuation with reverse engineering and replace with FPGA solution re-design including component selection and firmware engineering
  • Product revitalization
  • Design for eXcellence (DFX)

Sustaining Supply Chain Solutions:

  • Electronic component lifecycle management
  • Proactive obsolescence management
  • End-of-life component management
  • Alternate component sourcing

Sustaining Engineering Case Study

We’re ready to become your engineering partner at any stage of the design cycle. NEOTech’s elite Design Engineering Services offers the expertise and an in-depth array of engineering solutions with experience designing high-tech products in some of the most demanding markets.

Our engineering teams provide decades of expertise at the forefront of technology for a growing number of our OEM customers. We can assist you in finding value enhancing solutions with our engineering design services. We operate as a seamless extension of our customers engineering organizations, adding scale, flexibility and speed to their design process. It is our engineering services strategy to become our customer’s engineering partner at any stage of the design cycle to assist in transforming ideas into production ready products.

  • Add Engineering Scalability
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market
  • Add Needed Expertise on Variable Basis

At NEOTech we deliver these services with a highly skilled and qualified engineering team with decades of experience designing mission critical aerospace & defense, medical and industrial applications.

Your product is vital and must meet your customer's quality demands

Expand your team to include NEOTech’s industry experts. Contact us and let’s discuss your specific design and product requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.