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Leadership Team

NEOTech’s leadership team brings incredibly diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table.

Sudesh Arora

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kunal Sharma

President and Chief Operating Officer

James Doyle

Chief Executive Officer Aerospace & Defense Division

Renee Sims

Senior Vice President, Industrial/Medical Division - Business Development & Customer Focus

Marco Lopez

General Manager - Agave 1 Mexico

Boann Garry

VP Operations, Carlsbad EMS & Fremont, California

Omar Corral

General Manager - Tijuana, Mexico

Patrick NG

General Manager - Suzhou, China

Daniel Deharo

General Manager - Chatsworth, California

Jon Good

General Manager - Longmont, Colorado

Chad Burdick

General Manager - Westborough, Massachusetts

Dr. Akshay Mathur

Vice President Ceramics - Carlsbad, California

Martin Sosa

Vice President & General Manager - Carson City, Nevada

Jay Klug

Vice President, Contracts / Customer Relations / Security Director

David Sardoni

Director of Engineering / AFSO / ITPSO

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