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James Doyle

Chief Executive Officer Aerospace & Defense Division

James has navigated a dynamic and impactful career spanning more than 25 years.  Throughout his professional journey, he has assumed senior leadership roles, consistently delivering outstanding business results and shareholder value. As an accomplished executive leader, James possesses exceptional analytical and strategic thinking skills, which have played a pivotal role in achieving and surpassing objectives. His extensive experience includes the development of high-performance organizations focused on constructing sustainable business models.

James’s strategic vision and operational acumen have resulted in the establishment of robust structures that drive excellence. His initiatives and leadership have transformed manufacturing centers into hubs of innovation and efficiency. His servant leadership style inspires performance improvements, creating a positive impact on overall organizational success.

In his recent role, James lent his expertise as an advisor at Artemis Capital, providing specialized counsel to industrial tech companies. Prior to this, he served as the Vice President and General Manager, leading the Gridtec business at American Superconductor Corp, where he successfully managed a large-scale, multi-site manufacturing operation.

Before these pivotal roles, James held the esteemed position of Congressional Affairs Liaison military and government at Emerson Network & Power and President and CEO of multiple leading Microwave RF manufacturing companies, leaving an indelible mark through his visionary leadership. He holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an MBA from Boston University.

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