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Microelectronics Assembly

Microelectronics Assembly Services

With over four decades of experience in high-reliability hybrid and RF technologies, NEOTech has emerged as North America’s largest microelectronics assembly services provider. We offer a full range of services including the design, development and manufacturing of microelectronic assemblies, including microwave electronics and microwave circuits. Our teams are also thrilled to provide our customers technical support and testing of advance microelectronic assemblies.

Microelectronics Design Guides


Our Commitment

Our goal is to work with businesses to design, develop and produce the custom and prototype microelectronics that are built to the specifications and standards required by our clients. Working in the medical device, aerospace, military, and defense fields as well as with telecommunication companies, we have the experience and expertise to complete your prototype and production requirements.

Our knowledgeable and specialized staff is able to assist customers in the microelectronic assembly design through full-scale production requirements. Offering support throughout the design and development process we can ensure quality products delivered when needed.

Our Solution

The microelectronics industry faces the challenge of controlling costs and risk while ensuring reliability and we have thrived by offering our customers an unmatched understanding of materials, production equipment, standardized processes, and defect-elimination approaches.

NEOTech offers a full range of assembly services that can be customized for our clients. Using the latest in wire-bonding technology, microelectronics packaging and high reliability ceramic and laminated substrates we have the ability to develop cutting edge technology to meet the demands of a constantly evolving microelectronics industry.

We offer our customers the latest in wire bonding services and technology. With wedge bonding, we are able to produce low profile interconnects, which are ideally suited to the demands of microelectronics. Our wire bonding facility is able to handle small or large production needs and we offer short lead times for all your production needs.

Element Attach

  • Solder and epoxy solutions meeting both RoHS and leaded (non-RoHS) requirements for microelectronics assembly services.
  • Ball-grid-array, chip-on-board, chip and wire, plated through-hole, SMT, multi-chip technology, and mixed technology
  • Eutectic component attach (manual and automatic) with GaN and GaAs die
    • Gallium Nitride is used in applications such as optoelectronics, high-power, and high-frequency devices. It is also an ideal candidate for high-power and high-temperature microwave applications like RF power amplifiers at microwave frequencies and switching devices for power grids.
  • Flip chip µBGA & QF
  • Fluxless Soft-Solder
  • Automatic epoxy/flux/solder dispense
  • Linear epoxy cure
  • Automatic and manual precision die placement
  • Precision bare die attach with air bridge capability
  • Die shear testing


  • Automatic wire bonds at 20,000+ wires per hour
  • Wire bonding:
    • Gold Ball (0.7 to 3.0-mil)
    • Gold Wedge (0.7 to 3.0-mil)
    • Gold Ribbon (2 to 10-mil)
    • Aluminum Wedge (1 to 20-mil, ultrasonic)
  • Flip chip
  • BGA and column grid arrays
  • Tack weld
  • Stud bumping
  • Wire pull testing
  • Wedge bonding (or Die Bonding)

Hermetic Package Sealing

  • Fully automatic linear welding and lid positioning system
  • Semi-automatic linear weld systems
  • Laser welding
  • Inert gas sealing environment
  • DAP seal systems
  • Tack welding
  • One-shot resistance/inductance weld system
  • Inert gas bake
  • Vacuum bake
  • Linear hydrogen furnace
  • Fine and gross leak testing

Your product is vital and must meet your customer's quality demands

Expand your team to include NEOTech’s industry experts. Contact us and let’s discuss your specific design and product requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.