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NEOTech Executive and Site Leadership Keep Their Fingers on the Pulse of Internal Operations with Regular Gemba Walks

CHATSWORTH, CA – June 29, 2022 – NEOTech, a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services and supply chain solutions for brand name OEMs in the industrial, medical and mil/aero markets, is thrilled to highlight its commitment to continuous improvements through the highly successful method of conducting regular Gemba Walks by executive and individual site leadership teams.

NEOTech’s executive team and facility general managers know it is possible to lose sight of the day-to-day issues with their teams. To ensure conversations that have high impact interactions and make a lasting impression, the executives regularly take a Gemba Walk at different manufacturing locations. Recently, the NEOTech management team visited their Agave2 manufacturing facility in Mexico to participate in multiple Kaizen blitzes, team training, and best practices workshops. Their overall objective is to get onto the front line where real value is created – focusing on innovation, growth, and performance improvements.

“For NEOTech to continue to deliver our customers high-quality and high-reliability products, management must get out onto the manufacturing floor to see where the real work happens and continue to build relationships with workers based on trust,” stated Kunal Sharma, NEOTech’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “As we continue to take these regular Gemba Walks at all our locations, it is amazing what the leadership team learns from our manufacturing employees. We’re very happy that we’re building trust with our floor workers by listening to their ideas to identify issues and collaborating as a team to find solutions that benefit our organization, as well as our customers. At NEOTech, we strive to build on our commitment to be a culture of continuous improvement.”

NEOTech executives participate in Gemba Walk at Mexico manufacturing site to work on continuous improvements

NEOTech’s goal is to successfully convert customers’ product technology into engineered products, providing the most capable supply base, manufacturing products with care and delivering them on time. The company is large enough to offer refined Tier 1 tools, processes and capabilities, yet small enough to provide individualized care and service. NEOTech provides tailored project-by-project services that focus on each customer’s individual, unique needs. The result is a true collaboration in which the customer’s needs are met – or exceeded – in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

With more than 40 years of heritage in electronics manufacturing, NEOTech specializes in high-reliability programs in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Medical Products, and High-Tech Industrial markets. NEOTech is well recognized as a premier EMS provider with in-depth experience manufacturing high-tech products and managing stringent U.S. government requirements. For more information about NEOTech and/or the products and services, visit the company’s website at

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