NATEL Begins New Relationship for Satellites

CHATSWORTH, CA – August 11, 2014 –NATEL EMS will use its most advanced equipment to manufacture wideband detectors and converters as part of a recently awarded contract from a Military Prime Contractor. This contract highlights NATEL EMS’ outstanding capabilities in space level requirement manufacturing. NATEL EMS currently holds several aerospace and defense certifications. The Wideband… Read More

NATEL Unveils New Sign at Juárez Facility

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico July 14, 2014 – NATEL is excited to unveil our new sign proudly displayed at our Juárez facility. This sign represents the re-branding of both companies following NATEL’s acquisition of EPIC Technologies. “We are excited to announce this addition to our Juárez location. This is an outstanding facility, providing excellent customer service… Read More

NATEL EMS Appoints New Engineering Manager of Agave Facility

CHATSWORTH, CA – May 22, 2014 – Heber Romero has been recruited as the Engineering Manager for the NATEL EMS facility in Juarez, Mexico. “We are excited to welcome Heber Romero, a skilled engineer with managerial experience in world-class manufacturing environments, to NATEL’s Agave Plant,” announced Chief Operating Officer Kunal Sharma. The Agave Plant, NATEL… Read More

The $250 Billion Problem Lurking Around Your Factory

Counterfeits in manufacturing cost the U.S. economy more than $250 billion in lost revenue and 750,000 jobs annually. Chinese businesses have created an industry around electronic counterfeits, taking advantage of today’s “trusted supplier” networks, and the global trade in counterfeit electronics parts is growing at an accelerated rate resulting in higher costs and unreliable products…. Read More

Top 20 Reasons for Reshoring

A growing number of U.S. manufacturers — including Apple, Caterpillar, GE, Ford and Google — are choosing to manufacture more in America. Reshoring is on the rise and for good reason. As companies review total cost data, they are finding that rising offshore labor rates, plus the hidden costs of counterfeit and unreliable quality, counter the… Read More

NATEL Acquires Leading Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Provider

EPIC Technologies Natel Engineering Co., Inc., a premier provider of microelectronics for space, defense and medical applications, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of EPIC Technologies, LLC, a specialty electronics engineering and manufacturing company based in Norwalk, Ohio. Natel, established in 1975, has grown into one of the largest privately held Microelectronics Manufacturers… Read More

NATEL joins China Lake High School Tech Consortium

NATEL has joined the China Lake High School Tech Consortium. About CLHTC The China Lake High Tech Consortium, founded in 2009, is a unique partnership of government, industry, academia, non-profits and equity investors working collaboratively to address technology requirements for both the military and commercial marketplace. Utilizing the vast array of talents in the Consortium… Read More

NATEL employees participate in fire extinguisher training with the LAFD.

On March 14, 2012 Twenty five employees participated in fire extinguisher training with the Los Angeles Fire Department. The program combined classroom and hands-on instructional elements. Trainees left the program with knowledge of the sources of fire, classes of fire and their corresponding fire extinguishers, how to identify an extinguisher, how to assess a fire… Read More

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