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FLOWSERVE, Dalia Morales

We’ve been partnered with NEOTech for over 5 years, and both organizations have learned much from one another. There have been challenges in seeing eye-to-eye at times, but as with any committed relationship, we’ve worked together to identify obstacles, troubleshoot ideas, and ultimately find solutions that work best for everyone. The NEOTech team has consistently been very accommodating in handling our large matrix organization, staying flexible and agile with input and inquiries from multiple individuals and organizations. Through this effort, NEOTech has worked closely as a member of our team to enhance product designs, resulting in the improvement of quality issues. We’re thrilled to have NEOTech as part of our team.

Your product is vital and must meet your customer's quality demands

Expand your team to include NEOTech’s industry experts. Contact us and let’s discuss your specific design and product requirements, and together – we’ll find a solution tailored to fit your needs.