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Premier Manufacturer of Custom Cable Assemblies

At NEO Tech, we are an interconnect engineering and operations group, with each of us having an average of 18 years of cable and harness manufacturing experience. Our team has developed a wide range of cable harness solutions that match our electronic manufacturing services. We are your trusted manufacturer of custom cable assemblies.The selective vertical integration service we offer meets the requirements of our customers. We offer an exceptional quality interconnect source incorporated into the manufacturing of products.

Custom Cable Assembly Services
Per the design and print requirements of our customers, we manufacture custom cables to meet the requirements of specific applications. Our services include assisting customers with connector and cable selection, layout planning and manufacturing processes, and computer-aided design.

Before your product goes into more mass production, we provide short run manufacturing. Our services include termination, soldering, testing, and wrapping. We implement stringent testing and quality assurance processes to help guarantee the quality of all of the products we manufacture.

Benefits of Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing
Utilizing a dependable custom cable and wire harness assembly is crucial for successful results during electronically assisted product manufacturing. With a custom cable assembly, the wires are arranged in a compact, organized package, helping increase the performance and safety of your manufacturing equipment.

Features of Custom Cable Assemblies
Various types of casings can be used to make these cable assemblies, including braiding, electrical tape, sleeves, a weave of extruded string, cable ties, straps, or any combination of these materials. Cable assemblies are manufactured to specific geometric and electrical requirements from a diagram used during the production process. Once the wires are cut and labeled, they are stripped, exposing their metal interiors, then assembled together using connector housings or terminals, with protective sleeves added.

The above-mentioned process is often completed by hand due to how intricate and complex the process can be. Technicians utilize a circuit tester to ensure these assemblies are functioning properly after construction. If the assembly falls short of performance expectations, it will be remanufactured.

Common Uses of Custom Cable Assemblies
Cable assemblies are commonly used in oil refinery safety equipment, solar inverter systems, and LED lighting systems. The automotive industry also uses these assemblies for power door locks, brake lights, ignition systems, battery cables, and power windows.

For more information about the custom cable assemblies we offer at NEO Tech, call us today at 844.630.8324 or fill out our contact form.

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