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5 Ways NEO Tech Contact Manufacturing Services can Benefit Your Startup Business

Five Ways NEO Tech Contact Manufacturing Services can Benefit Your Startup Business  
Working with NEO Tech is a very different experience from working with many other contract manufacturing services. While we are a large company with multiple locations in the United States, Mexico as well as China, we are always a customer-focused company with a goal to meet or exceed the expectations for all of our orders and services.
There are five specific reasons why an OEM of any size should turn to NEO Tech for contract manufacturing services. Reviewing these factors assists new and potential customers in learning the differences you can expect.
Customized Engineering Design Services
NEO Tech provides full engineering design services. Our experienced engineers work with your in-house team to provide a full service design or to provide the specific expertise required in various aspects of the design. We offer full certification in the fields we serve, ensuring quality and precision production at each step.
Industry Standards and Regulation Expertise
Our engineers and designers, as well as our technicians, are fully versed in the latest in industry regulations and standards across the areas we serve. This includes in the medical device, aerospace, defense and military, telecom and industrial industries.
Prototyping Services
NEO Tech offers full prototyping services from our design or from your design. We have the software for analysis as well as the expertise to develop prototypes to your specifications as well as your delivery requirements.
Lowest Cost Production Methods and Materials
One essential difference between our contract manufacturing services and that of the competition is our goal to create the best quality parts and components at the lowest possible price to our customers. We can suggest production methods and materials that meet all industry and customer standards required and still keep production costs as low as possible.
Assembly Services
In addition to design, prototyping, and production, we also offer cable and wire harness design and production as well as the ability to assemble wiring systems and develop full components for any system.
To find out more about the benefits of working with our team at NEO Tech, contact us today at 818-676-9058.

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