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NATEL EMS Demonstrates Readiness for Tomorrow

CHATSWORTH, CAAugust 26, 2014 –When NATEL EMS recently delivered a Stinger Missile RMA three months early, they demonstrated the ability to pull-in schedules and work through the supply chain challenges often faced in handling field returns for legacy defense programs.
By relying on four decades of manufacturing and engineering experience, NATEL EMS was able to deliver rapid turn-around. “We believe in the importance of being ready for what we don’t see coming” said NATEL EMS President and CEO, Sudesh Arora.
That vision helps explain NATEL’s recent hire of Joseph Llanes. Llanes, who joins as Operations Manager in their Chatsworth facility, brings 13 years of leadership experience in production operations and a proven track record of success to the NATEL EMS team.

“Part of being ready means having the facility, equipment, and cash ready for the next challenge. Yet, without the right team in place, all that ‘stuff’ which may look good on the surface won’t get the job done,” explained Sudesh Arora. “Having Joe on our team challenges our leadership to look beyond what they are doing today and focus on the pipeline of growth for the next 12 months.”
Joseph Llanes earned his MBA from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in his field. He most recently worked at Ducommun as Production Control Manager where he oversaw production scheduling, inventory control and shipping/receiving for a $94 million plant.
“Identifying and recruiting exceptional team members has been a priority at NATEL for the last 5 years,” added Jonathan Davis, VP of Corporate Development. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that we know exactly the kinds of people who will be successful in our organization and when we found Joe it was an easy decision. He’s going to make everyone around him better and that’s always our number one goal when hiring leaders.”
This hire prepares NATEL EMS to meet future challenges by bolstering their operational experience. It’s also an example of the company’s long-term vision. “NATEL EMS has always kept people on the payroll even during slow times, longer than other companies in my experience. People often think this is Sudesh just being nice,” says COO Kunal Sharma, “but culturally we are thinking three chess moves ahead while finding new opportunities to put our talented team to work.”

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