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Energy Market

Many products in the Energy market require both strong technical and logistics support capabilities.

In oil & gas exploration, parts are exposed to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and fluids. Hermetically sealed high reliability electronics are a cost effective method to maintain drilling up-time.

We partner with the creators of clean energy products from wind power to charging stations. We see tremendous growth in this frontier and have evolved to become the industry’s manufacturing arm.

Utility providers continue to realize the benefits of smart meters, and we have been supporting this evolution. There is a need for support of both OEM and third-party AMR technology providers’ needs for integration and direct fulfillment to the end utility/user markets. We’ve serviced and directly fulfilled orders to over 450 utilities. We’ve also supported integration of AMR technology into all major OEM electric meters.

Specialized Support Services for the Energy Industry

  • Direct fulfillment to end user/utility market
  • Data file management of test parametric data files with the ability to forward to utilities as needed
  • Integration of third party AMR technology into many major OEM electric meters
  • Response times of 36-48 hours on schedule changes in programs with sub-assembly Kanbans
  • Ability to support product from design through end of life


Markets Served

Examples of Energy Related Products

  • L.E.D Lighting Systems
  • Oil Refinery Analytical & Safety Equipment
  • Oil/Gas Pipeline Inspection Systems
  • Solar Inverter Systems
  • E.V and Industrial Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Assemblies
  • Load Control Switches
  • Programmable Communicating Thermostats
  • Smart Utility Metering
    • One-stop shop for full meter assembly support including configuration management, packout verification of assembly, documentation of passed tests, and sequenced serial numbering



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