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UV Light Sanitation

Product engineering services and electronic manufacturing solutions to meet the demand for UV light sanitation systems

NEOTech has the engineering talent and the in-depth experience to help you achieve meeting the increased demand for UV light sanitation equipment. Our product engineers are experts at working as an extension of your team to develop even the most challenging product designs.

As well, our electronic manufacturing facilities are extensively-certified in multiple industries with the experience to handle manufacturing solutions from simple printed-circuit-board-assemblies to complex high-level assembly box-builds.

We can help improve your time-to-market for quality UV light sanitation systems

At NEOTech, we pride ourselves at being an industry leader in delivering creative solutions that result in a quality product that gets to market on time. It is the top priority for our engineering teams to ask the tough questions and provide detailed answers needed to ensure every stakeholder has a clear and concise understanding of the complex product requirements for UV light sanitation systems

Extensive design analysis is performed at multiple phases throughout the project to ensure there are no design issues that could cause product failures and delay product delivery. As well, during product development, we carefully perform regular supply-chain analysis on the specified components to make sure no bill-of-material item causes a delay to the product’s time-to-market.

Our engineering teams and our manufacturing teams closely collaborate during product development to integrate design features that are sustainable by manufacturing. This makes sure you know and trust that you’re partnered with an electronics manufacturing company with the most dependable and innovative solutions available.

We know your UVC light sanitation system has a critical function to perform – protecting everyone from the vast array of viruses and bacteria that surround us every day; so it is our priority that your product operates as expected with zero defects.

How to get in touch with us

Contact us by filling out the form below and schedule a call with one of our electronic manufacturing experts.

Talk to one of our experts at NEOTech and discuss your goals and expectations. Review your project in detail with our experts and learn how NEOTech can provide solutions to your current challenges.

After having all the necessary information from both parties, we will take your project to the quotation team and provide a detailed quote highlighting components and manufacturing costs.

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Contact us to find out more about NEOTech’s UV Light Sanitation production. After you submit the form, we will be in touch shortly to learn more about your company and how we can help.

NEOTech Engineering Services

Complex technologies and new innovations are changing our world for the better every day. While at the same time, demand continues to reduce the available time-to-market for new product designs. NEOTech’s Engineering Services brings to your design over 40 years of experience with high-tech products in the defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical sectors.

Our high-caliber engineering teams have the creative expertise, and offer an in-depth array of engineering disciplines, focused on realizing your most visionary products. NEOTech is serious about finding innovative solutions for your most complex product challenges.

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NEOTech Manufacturing Services

When you partner with NEOTech for product manufacturing, you’re partnered with an industry leader you can trust to value your product as much as you do. NEOTech offers the most advanced manufacturing technologies and supply chain management capabilities in the manufacturing services industry.

We’ve assembled the engineers and industry experts focused on operational excellence to work with our customer’s as an extension of their team. This flexibility and creative problem-solving provides a customized and tailored solution for our customer’s requirements and specifications.

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We help high-tech OEM’s produce smarter products

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