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Seller (Supplier) Responsibilities

SELLER (Supplier) Responsibilities:

The SELLER shall ensure that they have the latest revision of the documents, as noted below.
The SELLER shall meet the BUYER flow down requirements, as applicable; such as:

  • Purchase Order ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Quality Clauses (‘Default‘ and ‘Additional‘)
  • Requirements stated during the quoting process or on the supplied drawings / SCD
  • PCB Fabrication Specification

The SELLER shall review NEO Tech document NT104 and determine the appropriate Quality Clause table that is applicable to the commodity / service and determine the which Quality Clauses apply for each purchase order line:

  • ‘Default‘
  • ‘Additional‘

‘Additional’ Quality Clauses can be invoked on a purchase order line, and is  invoked in addition to the ‘Default’ Quality Clauses in the applicable tables referenced in document NT104:

  • Listed on the purchase order
  • Invoked per ‘Default‘ Quality Clause 199x, 299x or 399x (‘Additional’ Invoked Quality Clauses by NEO Tech Site)
  • Requirements stated on the supplied drawings / specifications

NOTE:  The ‘Additional’ invoked Quality Clauses only apply if the Quality Clause is listed for that commodity / service in the bottom section of the applicable Quality Clause table.  If the invoked Quality Clause is not listed for the commodity / service, then it does not apply to that commodity / service.

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