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Agave – Juarez, Mexico

Our Agave Plant is located in a quiet industrial area just 1.5 miles from the US border and 25 minutes east of downtown Juarez, Mexico. When we first started manufacturing in Juarez, the area lacked an EMS supply base. As we grew, we convinced many suppliers to establish themselves on the Juarez side of the border to provide quicker service for our customers. In 2011, we outgrew our space and moved into the current facility.

Electronic Manufacturing Services Capabilities

  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
  • NPI (New Product Introduction)
  • HLA System Integration
  • Repair Depot    
  • Box Build
  • System Integration
  • Medical Device Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Certifications

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“Raytheon is very pleased with NEO Tech and we are
NOT easy to please”

 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

"The middle ground is a little hard to identify, and we needed to find someone flexible enough to play both games"

President and CEO, Oraya