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DFx Services

Reduce overall product cost and improve quality with Design for Excellence (DFx) Services

Design for excellence, DFx - NEOTech EMS

Design for Manufacturing

NEOTech provides Design for Manufacturability (DFx) reviews to identify issues that will impact product cost, quality and delivery during the design process and makes recommendations for design improvement.

Engineering DFM analysis will review PCBA layer and layer density for opportunities for cost savings through layer count reduction and component consolidation opportunities, as well as general process ability. Post Build reviews will be conducted following each production cycle – reviewing process parameters, yield, yield improvements, and plan resulting manufacturing process changes or recommended design changes to enhance yield and decrease product cost.

Connecting NEOTech into your design process enables us to help infuse our manufacturing and supply chain know-how at the design stage.

Design for test process - NEOTech EMS Design for Test

Through a Design for Test (DFT) review, product improvements are made to improve test access and enhance the test strategy for the best fit of test solutions. In-Circuit Test (ICT) is generally used for the detection of manufacturing process defects at the board level. Typical defects found are wrong component populated, wrong orientation of the component, or missing component. Functional Test is offered to simulate the end functional application and environment of the product.

Engineering Design Services


Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE)

NEOTech works with customers to unlock value through our Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VAVE) process. VAVE is a continuous improvement strategy in the areas of Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test, Quality Analysis, and Design for Procurement. Customers engage with NEOTech to unlock value on new product introductions and existing products.

Our Value Engineering Team — comprised of component, manufacturing, process, and test engineers — address VAVE in:

  • Life cycle analysis
  • Supplier selection
  • Pipeline risk
  • Test enhancements
  • Manufacturing
  • Scrap causes
  • Quality improvement

VAVE Capabilities:

  • PCBA and Subsystem design/ layout
  • Robust engineering toolsets for design for procurement (DFP), design for manufacturability (DFM), and design for test (DFT)
  • Value Engineering workshops
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) toolsets
  • Concurrent Engineering support
  • Process technology roadmaps – leading edge processing technologies
  • Design proof-of-concept analysis

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