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NEOTech salutes what Americans can do when we come together as a team.

Congratulations to the dedicated teams of SpaceX and NASA for the successful launch of the first crewed spacecraft from US soil since 2011. Godspeed to the crew of spacecraft Crew Dragon – Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley – as they complete their mission aboard the International Space Station.

Everyone at NEOTech is proud of your extraordinary achievement of a manned space launch aboard a privately owned spacecraft and the American spirit of cooperative teamwork between SpaceX and NASA. Our best wishes and prayers to Astronauts Behnken and Hurley for a safe journey home.

“NEOTech is especially proud that we had the privilege and honor of a Chatsworth site visit by Astronaut Robert Behnken in 2015 to thank the NEOTech team for our high-quality work on replacement Lithium Ion batteries for the International Space Station,” stated Kunal Sharma, NEOTech President and Chief Operating Officer.

Let’s create something wonderful together

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