US Congressman Brad Sherman's Chief of Staff Tours NEO Tech Chatsworth Facility

CHATSWORTH, CA – April 29 2016 – NEO Tech was honored to host U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Don MacDonald, for a visit and tour of the NEO Tech Chatsworth Microelectronic & Aerospace facility. The Chatsworth site has been building microelectronic assemblies that are used on the Patriot Air and Missile Defense and AESA radar systems for more than a decade. Mr. MacDonald’s visit was designed to better inform the Congressman’s team about the activities performed by NEO Tech on these systems that are critical part of the United States and allied force defense systems. Congressman Sherman represents the 30th Congressional district which includes the NEO Tech Chatsworth location.

US Congressman Brad Sherman’s Chief of Staff At NEO Tech Chatsworth Facility
From left to right: Jay Klug, V.P. Contracts, Don MacDonald, Congressional Chief of Staff, Jim Angeloni, Chief Operating Officer – Aerospace and Defense operations, Joe Llanes, Director of Operations
During Mr. MacDonald’s tour, employees from NEO Tech presented details about our participation in the Patriot program and shared facts about the proud history and bright future of the combat proven Patriot Air and Missile Defense System. Upgrades are planned that will modernize the Patriot system and ensure its usefulness against future advanced enemy threats and keep it in service through 2048 and beyond.
NEO tech is proud to be a key supplier to the Global Patriot Solutions team. This system provides the most modernized and capable air and missile defense system in the world to our troops and international partners.

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