NATEL EMS Tuition Reimbursement Fosters Employee Growth

NATEL EMS Tuition Reimbursement Fosters Employee Growth and Supports Continuous Learning Philosophy

CHATSWORTH, CASeptember 8, 2014 –Since 2009, NATEL EMS has provided more than $70,000 to employees taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement program, encouraging employee growth and supporting the company’s philosophy of continuous learning. Anthony Gonzales had more than $57,000 of tuition costs reimbursed, and Rubi Catuna was able to pursue an education that moved her up the company ladder from the stockroom to the finance department.
To support the company philosophy that there is always room for improvement and growth, NATEL EMS created an environment that supports ongoing education. The tuition reimbursement program is specifically designed to ease the financial burden for employees seeking ongoing improvement and learning. It also fosters networking and community-building opportunities.
“Education creates opportunities; I believe it’s a great force for peace and prosperity,” said NATEL EMS President/CEO, Sudesh Arora. “Anthony and Rubi demonstrated inspiring initiative, and I’m proud of both of them. Anthony has since moved on and continues to learn and enhance his career opportunities. Rubi now works under John Lowrey, our Chief Accounting Officer. I hope their stories inspire more of our employees to take advantage of this program in the future, because we believe everyone can learn and improve.” 
Rubi commented, “Receiving NATEL’s tuition reimbursement has been great. At NATEL EMS, we’re continuously improving every day and this program has allowed me to grow and learn outside of the workplace. It’s also helped me move up and showcase my talents.”
Not only does the tuition reimbursement program support the company philosophy of continuous learning, it also reduces turnover. It is one of the many tangible and intangible rewards NATEL EMS provides for their employees, and is part of a unique and generous set of benefits that differentiates NATEL EMS from their competitors.
Benefits include a world-class daycare facility, on-site cafeteria, fitness centers and competitive medical and dental insurance. Once an employee reaches certain seniority milestones, NATEL EMS pays for 100% of that employee’s medical insurance. As a result of their forward-thinking and employee-focused programs, NATEL EMS boasts a turnover rate well below industry averages.

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