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The Options In Printed Circuit Board Assembly

One of the services we provide at NEO Tech is printed circuit board assembly. This allows our customers to bring us their PCB design and we can review the design, make recommendations and then, upon customer approval, we can begin assembly to meet order requirements.

Some of our customers will also use our printed circuit board design services as well. In this case, our team of engineers will design the PCB and then move into printed circuit board assembly once it is tested and approved.

Options to Consider

Unlike other components in electronics, there are often different options to consider in the design and the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. This ability to have flexibility in the manufacturing process can help our team of engineers and designs to build in processes and options that can be instrumental in keeping production costs low.

Regardless of the option selected, quality control will be consistent throughout the entire printed circuit board assembly process. This ensures that even the most reasonably priced circuit boards produced are extremely reliable and have the longest possible life cycle.

Within our in-house assembly lines, we offer expert PCB design and assembly services using state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Many of our processes are fully automated or semi-automated, increasing the rate of production and decreasing the costs to our customers.

We can manufacture large form factor PCBs as well as microBGAS and part-on-part assemblies. NEO Tech is also able to provide PoP or Package-on-Package manufacturing. Our facilities also include the capacity to complete clean zone assembly, which may be essential for some specific industries and applications.

To discuss your PCBA requirements with our engineering staff, contact us today at 818-495-8617. We can discuss the services you need and provide process characterization and discuss your options.