NATEL EMS Thanks and Recognizes Employees

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Nov. 24, 2014 – NATEL employees recently recognized and thanked their coworkers for their commitment and help in the past year with both the enterprise-wide roll-out of NBS and the integration of the EPIC Technologies acquisition. The NATEL Business System (NBS) has been a major driver in the success of NATEL EMS, helping employees learn and grow professionally as well as personally.

Sudesh Arora, NATEL EMS President and CEO, said, “NBS is a big part of our culture. We want to create an environment where our employees know that management is always ready to listen, even if their issue isn’t work-related. Of course, if they find an issue that’s production-related we want them to know they’ll be supported. But we want to go beyond that.”

Roger Anderson, Director of Quality, said, “Executive management goes to great lengths to make sure that employees are happy. I’m really fortunate to be in this family. It’s great to have an employer who looks out for their workforce and values them.”

NATEL EMS Thanks and Recognizes Employees from NATEL on Vimeo

Kristi Texon, Accounts Receivables, said, “I really enjoy coming to work here. I like to be in this environment where people leave the day with a sense of accomplishment on their faces.”

NBS also helps drive business results. Kunal Sharma, COO, said, “One of Sudesh’s top goals is to grow this company to be a billion dollar company, and that’s my number one goal. How do I do that? Increase efficiency by 50%, reduce inventory by 50% and increase sales by 50%. How am I going to get there? NBS.”

The NATEL Business System draws many influences from the Toyota Production System, borrowing many of the naming conventions and philosophies that helped popularize lean manufacturing. NATEL EMS employees have both implemented and supported the system, and NATEL management produced the following video to recognize their effort.

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