NATEL EMS Formally Thanks Toyota

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Dec. 10, 2014  NATEL EMS recently produced and presented a video expressing their thanks to Toyota. The Toyota Way and Toyota Production System helped train and create a wealth of talented operations staff at Toyota, and this staff has gone on to do great things at NATEL EMS, including implementing the NATEL Business System (NBS) with marked success.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is “steeped in the philosophy of ‘the complete elimination of all waste,’ imbuing all aspects of production in pursuit of the most efficient methods.” TPS is often referred to as “Just-in-Time” production or a lean manufacturing system, and was developed by Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda.

Toyota’s use of terms like “lean,” and “just-in-time” put names to ideas that NATEL EMS President and CEO, Sudesh Arora, had championed for years. “The benefits of this philosophy, when applied correctly, are both significant and powerful. By focusing on the elimination of waste, we deliver a consistently better product for less cost. However, these practices have to be implemented correctly, and we are extremely grateful to Toyota for training so many people to do just that,” said Arora.

The NATEL Business System has raised the bar on manufacturing throughout NATEL EMS. After the implementation of NBS at itsCarlsbad, California, location, NATEL EMS saw on-time delivery of Thick Film products rise from 90% in 2012 to 100% in 2013, the highest quality marks in the history of the facility.

In March of 2014, NATEL EMS began training employees across all facilities in both their manufacturing and office areas in the NBS.Victor Yamauchi, A Toyota alum and current NATEL EMS Vice President – Continuous Improvement, led the training in small groups of approximately 15 employees.

Victor spent 14 years at Toyota Motor Sales, where he learned, developed, and implemented the TPS. His experience implementing those practices along with the hiring of other Toyota alums has been crucial to the successful implementation of the NBS at NATEL EMS.

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