NATEL employees discuss our hermetic sealing and environmental testing capabilites

To make reliable electronics — parts that function for decades in extreme environments  — NATEL has had to perfect our sealing capabilities with technologies including DAP seal systems, linear welding, laser welding. In the first video, we will show you how NATEL seals parts.

NATEL Discusses its Sealing Capabilities from NATEL on Vimeo.
Once we seal the parts, and further rework would put the part reliability at heightened risk and any customer returns would be both costly and embarrassing. We perform environmental testing in-house to offer quick feedback to our assembly teams if a problem is uncovered. This testing includes standard tests such as temperature cycling and mechanical shock, as well as more exotic tests such as liquid burn-in and Krypton 85 leak testing. In this second video, we will show you how we ensure that our customers receive the most reliable products in the marketplace.

NATEL’s Testing Capabilities from NATEL on Vimeo.
Videos include interviews from David Aldridge, Donald Contreras, Greg McCombs, Jim Angeloni, Kunal Sharma, Narbeh Eskandari, and William Bolinger.

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