Preparation Leads To Medal Count Win

The long-standing record of success by our Olympic athletes set expectations for top performances in the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. Preparation and commitment have allowed the USA throughout the years to rank second in all time total medal standings.
Witnessing the sight of our veteran and rookie athletes parading in reminded us of this history. During the opening ceremony the athletes were beaming with excitement, a result of sweat, tears, and discipline. Even with talent, the athletes would not have excelled without training and commitment. Despite some challenging and unexpected conditions encountered in Sochi, the USA made an excellent showing coming in at second place for total medal count at 28 – and fourth place for gold medals at 9.
A look back in history shows the USA won 37 medals at the 2010 games, including 9 gold, about 1 in every 76 medals awarded that year. Since 1924, sixty percent of all medals won by US athletes were won in three areas – speed skating, figure skating and alpine skiing.
We can expect greatness from teamwork, collaboration, and determination even when we encounter the unexpected. Victory happens when people are reliable, committed and consistent.

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