Precision DWDM Module Manufacturing for High Bandwidth

Natel Engineering Co., a leading manufacturer of high-end opto-microelectronic modules and hybrids, announces advanced production capabilities for high bandwidth DWDM modules. These modules allow for the simultaneous transmission of a number of non-interfering optical signals over a single fiber, offering many advantages, such as high bandwidth and low transmission costs. For designers seeking production of these modules, Natel provides the precision process control needed to ensure the integrity of the end product. With automated assembly, Natel provides high speed production for high volume needs, resulting in rapid time-to-market as well as time-to-volume.

Natel specializes in manufacturing DWDM modules with ranges of 10 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s, ensuring that the processes used will match the precision needed for the end product. For complete DWDM manufacturing solutions, Natel offers precision component placement, wire bonding, ribbon bonding, flip chip interconnect, fiber alignment, and hermetic package seal capabilities. Natel also has the capability to perform tests unique to DWDM designs. Natel’s testing experience includes eye diagrams, frequency domain performances, high speed data testing, automatic board testing of S-band and X-band levels, and statistical process control.
Rapid time-to-market is a major concern for many designers of DWDM modules, however they must also ensure that the modules will meet extremely tight tolerances. Natel meets the need for higher quality products in less time with automated assembly capabilities that reduce manual labor and increase lot-to-lot-consistency, thus eliminating scrap and rework.
For over 25 years, Natel has been a premier provider of quality hybrids, MCMs, COBs, and other modules, including 10G-40G high frequency products. Natel meets the microelectronic needs of many industries including defense, medical, microwave/RF, ATE, and opto-electronic. With advanced production capabilities, Natel offers lower costs and faster time-to-market, providing effective microelectronic manufacturing solutions.
To learn how Natel can meet your needs, contact Natel Engineering Co., Inc., at 9340 Owensmouth Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; tel: (800) 590-5774; fax: (800) 590-5764; email:; or visit the web at

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