Organizers Of The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Failed To Prepare

While a snowflake proved problematic at the Opening Ceremony, it was a lack of snowflakes that caused complications thereafter at the Sochi games. Unexpected rising temperatures, as well as unfinished accommodations, turned the games into a dangerous experience.
Hans Pieren, an expert on salt and snow, informed Sochi officials that salt was a priority and necessity to stabilize the snow for the events. To their regret, Sochi organizers did not consider Pieren’s instructions important. This lack of regard for important preparations left many athletes with injuries instead of medals.
Early speculation about whether Sochi was prepared or not turned out to be true. Appalling conditions, undrinkable water and roaming dogs lead to a twitter account and a trending hashtag: #SochiProblems.
With all costs included, it is estimated that Russia spent $51 billion to host the Olympics. This made it the most expensive Olympic games ever held, which reminds us that bigger budgets can mean bigger problems.
Sensible expenditures are often the byproduct of smart planning. Success depends on careful preparation, setting high standards and consistent follow through.  When the stakes are high, dependence on reliability and preparation is critical.

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