Olympic Organizers Deliberately Poke Fun At Opening Ring Malfunction

In the closing ceremonies, the rings came full circle.
During the beginning moments of the closing ceremonies, performers followed a choreographed routine to create a giant set of Olympic rings — but deliberately left one ring as a small, disconnected circle. It was a clear nod to the embarrassing mistake from the opening ceremony.
Acknowledging and owning a mistake can be an asset in the course of trying to alleviate an embarrassing moment. The games continued. This incident was purely aesthetic and superficial, no body that we know of lost their life because of the malfunction, and organizers were able to dismiss it by means of a humorous buffer. However, under different circumstances, with similar electronic failures, where lives are hanging in balance, humor would be impossible and this mistake takes on the size of a tragedy.
The only solution is to make preparing, taking precautions and testing top priorities to ensure reliability.

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