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NEO Tech Medical

NEO Tech’s Medical segment is focused on designing and building products that improve the patient experience. NEO Tech Medical provides a comprehensive set of services (including medical device contract manufacturing) that can be tailored to create a custom solution for your low-to-medium volume, high-mix medical products.

Core Cultural Values


Striving for defect free manufacturing has been one of our best culture shifts over the company history. Once facilities reach a level of excellence, we introduce the concept of DPM$. We recognize that our troops and medical professionals depend on reliability. Very few of them know that NEO Tech makes critical things happen for them. From a Patriot missile that shoots down a missile heading towards a military base, to a heart pacemaker that allows a mother to see her daughter get married, to guiding a rocket in outer space to intercept an incoming nuclear missile, to a radar warning receiver that alerts pilots that they are vulnerable to an attack, our electronics have to work hard and perform hard to keep men and women safe. And the numbers prove it. NEO Tech has raised its contractor ratings to 100% with two leading national customers and has some of the lowest percentages of defects in the industry.

Integrity of People, Parts, and Processes

Integrity means doing it right when no one is looking. Integrity is the woodworker who makes sure the back of the cabinet is as beautiful as the front. It goes beyond having ethical practices. At NEO Tech, integrity of people is the employee who speaks up about a problem with management without fear of retribution. Integrity of parts depends on the operators and assembly people who refuse to pass along a defect to the next operation. Integrity in the process means on time delivery of beautiful parts that are at minimum what the customer expected. Integrity is choosing the most honest suppliers, and if problems arise it means looking at our own faults before we put pressure on our suppliers. This video gives you an inside look on what integrity means in our company.


We can not predict the future. We can, however, be reasonably prepared for the future, whether for a natural disaster or a change in business operations.

Single Point of Contact

How many people do you need to call to get an answer. At NEO Tech, we strive for 1 person. Having a single point of contact starts with empowering one person to have all the authority to make a decision. We feel strongly that having two charming and talented people doing the same job is worse for our customers than having one average person who has all of the necessary information to respond promptly and make key decisions. Day-to-day communications at NEO Tech are channeled through one person, ensuring that all customers priorities are met without interruption to the flow of business. Hear from NEO Tech leadership on how they live and breathe Single Point of Contact.

No Walking

Eliminating waste can be simplified by just watching people walk. Unnecessary motion often has a root cause that touches the entire organization. Many lean companies study motion by measuring steps and distance traveled. But there is an easier way. In this video NEO Tech describes reveals how we evaluate the simple act of walking to create a more efficient and effective company.

No Ship on Fridays

We have a saying here that we don’t ship on Fridays. This is a goal, not a law. For 40 years, our CEO has noticed the universal trend that factories rush shipments to meet weekly, quarterly and annual targets, resulting in the “hockey stick.” By focusing on daily shipments instead of weekly, our company is not overstaffed 4 days out of 5 and our employees are not shipping bad parts with sloppy documentation. When you visit our plant, you will not see people rushing around fighting fires to hit shipment numbers. We move more like a duck in a pond: we look steady above the surface and there are a lot of activity happening underwater to keep us gracefully moving forward. In this video, NEO Tech reveals how the simple act of not shipping on Fridays makes for a more efficient and effective company.

Wash your hands 5x each day

Why do NEO Tech employees wash their hands so often? We have a philosophy that says every manager and support person should get out of conference rooms and go to the action to best understand what is happening on the production floor (both good and bad). Watch this video to learn more about why we want to get our hands dirty and why this matters for our customers.

The Best Meeting is Between Two People

Have you ever been half-present in a meeting or a conference call and find yourself spending the time checking emails and working on other tasks?

The NEO Tech Way optimizes all hand-offs including, customer, manufacturing, and office. Yet there is a systemic problem in corporations globally where there are too many people involved in meetings, slowing down those hand-offs. At NEO Tech, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time so we bring the key decision makers to meetings, no more and no less. Watch this video to learn more about how NEO Tech approaches meetings.

Daily Shipments

When you focus on meeting daily goals instead of monthly or annual, you tend to hit your overall goals. This is true with training for a marathon or undertaking a weight loss diet. And at NEO Tech, we found this to be true with shipments. Learn how simplifying metrics can improve customer well being.

Leaves and Branches

Leaves and Branches is a management tool at NEO Tech. Team leaders and managers at NEO Tech use Leaves and Branches to empower direct reports and make decisions quickly, and it is also a tool to guide leaders to avoid micromanaging. Learn more with this video.

A Fresh Take on Overtime

Many employees see overtime as a bonus. At NEO Tech, we allow overtime to be used as a reward and not a profitability killer.


We Solve Tough Engineering Problems

Our wide range of engineering capabilities provides a one-stop-shop for our customers. We use a hands on collaborative approach to better understand our customer’s needs which enables us to solve their tough engineering challenges. We take pride in helping our customers reduce risk throughout their entire product life cycle. Our people, high performance processes, and reliable quality support our customers in making amazing things happen.

Sealing and Packaging

When closing up an electronic part, one has to consider how that seal is made and how much oxygen and moisture you want to keep out. This video illustrates the thinking and planning we do when a customer asks us for hermetically sealed packages.

Automated Microelectronics

Yes, you read that correctly. Our team has been working to create a high reliability, highly repeatable process for what has historically never been automated. This advancement allows the high volume mixed technology projects popular in medical, space, and defense industries.


As one of the leaders in microelectronics assembly, NEO Tech highlights the wirebonding process of chip and wire attach. Wirebonding enables interconnections between a bare die and printed circuit board, allowing for miniaturization. This video highlights the tremendous efforts NEO Tech takes to ensuring our wire bonding capabilities are done right the first time.

Co-Fired Ceramics: LTCC & HTCC

NEO Tech has emerged as one of the few worldwide leaders manufacturing high quality multilayer ceramics. We are known for both Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) using Al2O3 material as well as High-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (HTCC) using AlN materials. This video shows our high-volume and low-volume production lines. Many of the original members of both Scrantom Engineering (acquired in 2003) and CPT Circuitry (acquired in 2007) are still with the team, providing creative solutions for high density ceramic substrates, compact networks, and high frequency applications up to 100 GHz. The facility also houses equipment and IP gained from both CMC Wireless and National Semiconductors in 2004.

Environmental Stress Testing & Screening

We do our best to rigorously qualify our parts before they leave our hands, and only let the best parts reach yours. Our capabilities include leak tests, liquid burn-in, XRF, SEM, and much more.

Box Assembly

NEO Tech’s box build and higher level assembly (HLA) services combine lean expertise with focused solutions that support custom configuration, variable demand, superior quality, logistics, and complex mechanical materials. Hear a case study on how we custom design a production area around critical box builds.


See how NEO Tech Interconnect is able to provide customized cable manufacturing and wire harness assembly solutions.

NEO Tech Medical Solutions

NEO Tech’s Medical segment is focused on designing and building products that improve the patient experience. NEO Tech Medical provides a comprehensive set of services (including medical device contract manufacturing) that can be tailored to create a custom solution for your low-to-medium volume, high-mix medical products

Facility Tours

Agave Plant Tour and Geography

Enjoy two videos focusing on our System Assembly and PCBA Center of Excellence, known as our Agave Plant. The first video offers you a plant tour highlighting people, equipment, and capabilities. The second video is a dashboard camera ride from El Paso, TX, to our Juarez, MX, facility, which also includes highlights of key landmarks in the region.

Chatsworth Plant Tour

The Chatsworth plant is our Microelectronics Center of Excellence. The site boasts some of the largest microelectronics cleanrooms in the country, as well as multiple lines for PCBA and Box Build. Chatsworth is also our company headquarters and you will find our HR, finance, contract management, purchasing, marketing, and quality teams supporting Chatsworth as well as other facilities.

Carlsbad Plant Tour

The Carlsbad plant is our Ceramics Center of Excellence with 60,000 sq. ft. of electronics manufacturing facility that employs about 60 people. We focus on applying advanced materials to offer advantages in weight, size, and high frequency performance. Operations include low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and high-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) board fabrication, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Thick Film and Thin Film Substrates.

Carson City Plant Tour

The Carson City plant is known as the biggest little plant in town. There are multiple microelectronics cleanrooms for Hybrid Assembly and Thick Film Substrates, yet the approachable team delivers small town customer service that has earned them several awards. At the Carson City facility you will find our team of Human Resources, Engineers, and quality teams supporting Carson City.

OVO Plant Tour

NEO Tech’s OVO (Ohio Valley Operations) is located in Mason, OH. Our team focuses on advanced manufacturing techniques for industrial and medical applications.

Company Insights

Natel Commemorates 20th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake

On January 17, 1994, we lost our facility. We had to decide whether to shut down or continue the operation at this location. We decided to keep the facility going and, 20 years later, we continue to grow in part because of the lessons learned from that event. Our video includes excerpts from a series of interviews with the 26 employees who are still at NEO Tech 20 years after the Northridge Earthquake.

Ensuring Rapid Production – Our Seamless and Accurate IT Backbone

NEO Tech’s ERP system has allowed the business to scale from a niche electronics manufacturer to a global EMS company, and gives plenty of flexibly for future customers and acquisitions. Listen to our MIS Manager and COO discuss the value of our tool, an advanced and highly customized version of Epicor software working in conjunction with best-in-class hardware to deliver seamless and accurate data rapidly to the people who need it in Supply Chain Management, Quality, Stock Rooms, Inventory Managers, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Account Management. NEO Tech’s disciplined team has achieved greater than 99.9% inventory accuracy.

Evaluating Intellectual Property

NEO Tech values intellectual capital as much as you, and we protect our customers’ Intellectual Property like a lioness protects its cub. The consequences of not doing so are so great that we often scratch our head at why so many customers don’t invest in the business processes and infrastructure to make sure that our customers secrets are not getting into the hands of their competition. At NEO Tech your ideas are our privilege, and this quick video describes some of the ways we make sure that your IP is in good hands.

Who is Sudesh Arora?

Sudesh tells his origin story, starting with one of his earliest memories. Learn more about why he became an entrepreneur, how he ended up founding NEO Tech, and how his past experiences shape his future thinking of the business he has been building for more than 40 years.

How ITAR Matters

ITAR (International Traffic Arms Regulations) was created to protect our country’s technology secrets. Through discipline, we have earned the trust of our government and customers. You can learn more about that discipline in this video.

When to Ignore PPV

PPV is an important metric. Just like any number, it can provide insight and can be abused. Learn from our team about how NEO Tech uses PPV, and more importantly, where we choose to ignore PPV.

Budgets are a Waste of Money

Budgets are a valuable tool for fiscal prudence and a best practice. They can also lead to wasteful spending, CYA report creation, and a slowdown in innovation. Learn why NEO Tech warns employees and customers that budgets can be a waste of money.

Why Outsource to NEO Tech

What makes NEO Tech unique in the industry is our ability to offer supply chain and manufacturing solutions that are complex and multifaceted but tailored to the needs of individual OEM. Unless they have a huge spend most OEMs find working with our Top Tier EMS competition very frustrating as the solutions tend to be less flexible for OEMs that have a smaller aggregate electronics spend. We find our solution with sophisticated engineering and manufacturing process solutions, sourcing and supply chain experts that know how to tailor the materials supply to the flexibility needs of each customer, and robust IT tools to manage in the information flows surrounding the factory processes – to be very well received by customers — this sets NEO Tech apart from our competition. We are proud of what makes NEO Tech very successful in that we have a high degree of focus and selectivity on the types of business and markets that we play in. We have chosen NOT to try to be everything to everyone – you will not find much in the way of consumer products, cell phones or data networking rack systems built in our factories. This is by design. When we focus on high-reliability markets, high mix supply chains and complex products we have a very differentiable solution that is valued by our customer base.

Working at NEO Tech

What is it like to work at NATEL and NEO Tech? Hear from our employees who have been affected by a recent acquisition or merger.

Conflict Minerals

NEO Tech is committed to operating in a socially responsible way. We follow the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct as well as support the non-usage of conflict minerals mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) region.

NEO Tech fully supports the humanitarian goals of the Dodd Frank Act – eliminating illegal mineral trading and the funding of armed conflict while supporting legitimate commercial ventures. Since the supply chain for Conflict Minerals is complex, and consists of many tiers, including mines, traders, exporters, smelters, refiners, alloy producers and component manufacturers, tracing these minerals to their sources is a challenge. We are committed to working with our supply chain to increase transparency regarding the origin and traceability of minerals contained in our products with the goal of ensuring that all products sold by NEO Tech to our customers are “DRC Conflict Free.”


Thanking and Recognizing Employees

In 2014, NEO Tech employees recognized and thanked their coworkers for their commitment and help in the past year with both the enterprise-wide roll-out of the NEO Tech Business System (NBS) and the integration of the EPIC Technologies acquisition. NBS has been a major driver in the success of NEO Tech, helping employees learn and grow professionally as well as personally.

Our Thank You to Toyota

The Toyota Way and Toyota Production System has created a wealth of talented operations people with whom The NEO Tech Way resonates.

We Make Parts That Save Lives

Our employees know the importance of their work. Too often, people in business see themselves as making a part, a SKU, a purchase order, or a sale. At NEO Tech, we find it important to regularly speak to our team about the parts they make and their end use. In many situations, lives are on the line and there is no tolerance for failure. Our parts have to work. And they do. And our employees are proud of this.

Thanking Our Military

Our employees know the importance of their work often because so much of what we do touches the lives of our troops.



“Raytheon is very pleased with NEO Tech and we are
NOT easy to please”

 Chairman and former CEO, Raytheon

"Collaboration, communication and cooperation
trump lowest price"

COO, Oraya

"It was like having an internal manufacturing operation
without the overhead"

President and CEO, Oraya

"The middle ground is a little hard to identify, and we needed to find someone flexible enough to play both games"

President and CEO, Oraya