Natel Successes Cascade One into Another – An Eight Month Review

Exciting Times

It has been a busy eight months at Natel. Through a string of exciting events, Natel has increased its product base and created a positive buzz in the industry that has opened the doors to many opportunities and growth.
Starting in October 2003, Natel was awarded the Region IX Subcontractor of the Year Award by the United States Small Business Administration. This award, and the presentation ceremony that was held in Washington DC, coincided with the 50th anniversary of the SBA. Natel had been nominated by Raytheon, and was proud to be accompanied by Raytheon to the ceremonies
in DC.
In November 2003, Natel acquired the assets of Scrantom Engineering, a Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic substrate manufacturing company from Solectron. The operation is in Costa Mesa, CA, and has flourished under the Natel banner and infusion of the Natel brand of management and operational excellence.
In January 2004, Natel acquired the manufacturing equipment and IP rights to CMC Technologies Aluminum Nitride substrate and package products. This product line is complimentary to the LTCC operation in Costa Mesa, and was needed to support an extremely important product for a major customer. Natel was able to go from the decision in January to delivering compliant product within 10 weeks.
Also in January 2004, Natel was invited to attend Raytheon’s Leadership Forum. This is an event held by the Raytheon CEO to share the upcoming years top-level vision with his management. Natel was privileged to  be the only supplier Raytheon asked to attend.
In April 2004, Natel purchased an additional building immediately adjacent to our existing building in Chatsworth. This building will be used to house the quickly expanding substrate operations, as well as provide additional space for future hybrid/microelectronics assembly.
In May 2004, Natel purchased all the manufacturing equipment from National Semiconductor’s LTCC operation in Irvine, CA. This equipment compliments Natel’s existing tool set and will support our fully automatic LTCC and AlN operations in our new facility here in Chatsworth.

Positioned for the Future

Clearly the events of the last eight months have helped to solidify Natel as the premier source for Hybrid Microelectronic assembly, Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic and AlN substrate and package products. As a result, Natel can meet both substrate/package as well as microelectronic assembly requirements across a broad spectrum of military, aerospace and high reliability applications. Natel’s full compliment of capabilities and products are detailed here on our web site. Please take a look at the rest of the site, and contact us at 818-734-6500 with any questions you might have.

Let’s create something wonderful together

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