Natel Partners with Raytheon in a Strategic Alliance

“With the increasing demands on our organization … we have to operate more strategically and take steps to accelerate and to prioritize our efforts to reach our goals.”
“Our strategic alliance with Natel Engineering is a great example of that and is featured in this issue.” Dick Johnston, VP Operations of Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems described the new Raytheon/Natel Strategic relationship highlighted in the company’s SCM News issue of March/April 2005.
The Strategic Alliance seeks to improve competitiveness and sales of Raytheon and Natel products and achieve rapid clear communication of product needs. It will also optimize use of both company’s resources by focusing and applying them to achieve common objectives at lower costs and decreasing contracting and subcontracting cycle times.
The products covered by the Strategic Alliance include Hybrids, Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrates, aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates and Microwave Integrated Circuits.
As Dick Johnston noted at the signing ceremony “A model of integrated supply chain through aggressive implementation of Raytheon’s Six Sigma principles, Natel has clearly demonstrated excellence in their partnership with Raytheon.”
This Strategic Alliance will allow for open communication and work toward having the right product at the right price in the marketplace and improve the competitive position of both companies in the future.

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