NATEL EMS Improves Automated Epoxy Attachment, Increasing MMIC Die Reliability

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Oct. 7, 2014 – In another industry-leading advance, NATEL EMS has improved their automated epoxy attachment process, allowing for higher reliability when attaching Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) dies. This process improvement ensures very little voiding.
The newly-developed process improvement allows NATEL EMS to process much thinner and much larger MMIC dies than ever before. NATEL EMS expects this advance will give them a competitive advantage, leading to more advanced products, lower cost, and higher quality.
“Improved heat dissipation using thin Gallium Nitride, or GaN die, has been improved further by using a combination of automatic eutectic/chip and wire packaging techniques developed at our automatic assembly facility in Chatsworth,” said Jim Angeloni, COO, Aerospace and Defense Operations. “This is another example of the ways we continue to improve our Hands Free automation to ensure defect-free repeatable processes on some of today’s most challenging microelectronics.”
NATEL EMS President and CEO, Sudesh Arora remarked, “Any time we can produce a more reliable product or improve the reliability of our production, that’s a good thing for our customers and for us. This improvement both enhances reliability and reduces cost, which makes it even more remarkable and noteworthy.”
MMIC dies are used in the production of Hybrid Microcircuits. This advance in automated epoxy attachment was developed under the guidance of Don Beck, Vice President of Ceramics Operations, through mechanical engineering, process engineering, and applying systematic modeling approaches such as DOE.

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