NATEL EMS Executives and Employees Focus on Integrity

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Oct. 13, 2014 From entry-level employees to the C-Suite, NATEL EMS has always made integrity and ethics a priority. This focus comes from a company-wide realization that delivering quality parts and products demands integrity of the production process, integrity in employee behavior and strict adherence to the company code of ethics.

“If we had not been honest with our employees, our customers, or ourselves for the past 40 years, we would not have been able to keep our doors open,” says Jay Klug, Vice President-Customer Relations/Contracts. “And we must maintain our reputation for quality, honesty and dependability to be successful. We define what we expect and help our employees do the right thing.”

NATEL EMS defines the company’s ethical stance and expectations in their Code of Business Ethics, mandatory reading for all new hires as well as existing employees. The training guides employees towards making the right decisions by providing both situational training, with specific examples of vulnerable situations, and offering avenues to report suspect activity. These reporting avenues include a hotline, the ability to report infractions anonymously and contact information for the Business Ethics Committee (BEC).

The BEC is made up of Sudesh Arora, President and Jay Klug, VP – Contracts/Customer Relations. Together, this committee conducts training, investigates all allegations of improper conduct and recommends disciplinary action where appropriate.

Annual retention is also part of the procedure. “When can NBA stars stop practicing their free throw shots?” asksSudesh Arora. “These superstars are the best in their field and they are fallible, and our employees are all human as well. Constant practice is important for us to maintain our high level of performance.”

“We offer scenarios and guidelines for employees,” continued Arora. “One scenario simply asks the employee how they would feel if their action was known within the company, or published on the front page of the newspaper. It may be a simple litmus test, but it’s also a powerful guideline. This kind of thinking is how everyone at NATEL EMS remains committed to doing business in a moral and ethical manner.”

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