NATEL EMS Ensures Freedom and Protects US Taxpayers

CHATSWORTH, CA – June 10, 2014 – United States Navy personnel had a challenge. A DC/DC converter needed to be manufactured from scratch. The converter powered a nuclear submarine that had to be docked at its San Diego, CA base until a replacement arrived.
The call came to NATEL EMS. The urgency and consequences accompanying this challenge were understood. Similar dilemmas had delayed missions and cost American taxpayers $1 million per day.
“NATEL EMS responded immediately to meet this need,” said President/CEO Sudesh Arora.
NATEL EMS has stood alongside the U.S. Armed Forces since it was founded in 1975. Over the decades, NATEL EMS has supplied prime contractors as well as the U.S. Armed Forces with a variety of electronic technologies under a wide range of contracts. As part of an elite group of defense subcontractors, NATEL EMS continues to uphold the proud reputation as a company that solves problems and exceeds expectations.
“We are partners in our military’s mission, and honor our commitment by fulfilling each contract with exceptional quality and service,” Arora explained. “We confirmed that we could make the converter. Our amazing employees worked around the clock to produce the converter.”
A special courier delivered it directly to the submarine in San Diego. “It’s not every day that we can make and deliver parts in 24 hours,” Arora continued, “but our team came together because we understood that the parts we manufacture have a positive impact on our Armed Forces and could potentially save lives.”
The submarine commander was impressed and sent a letter of thanks for the hard work and dedication.
This example of service to the military reflects the values of reliability, integrity and readiness that have placed NATEL EMS among the defense industry’s leading contractors.
“American lives depend on the quality of our work,” said Arora. “It is a privilege for us as a company and for many of our employees personally to be able to serve our military and our country. The mission of the Armed Forces is our mission, and we will continue to help ensure its success.”

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