NATEL EMS awards 2 scholarships for CSUN students

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — As part of their ongoing commitment to education and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, two NATEL EMS executives recently facilitated a donation of more than $20,000 for scholarships to California State University, Northridge, by NATEL EMS.
Will Bolinger, Vice President – Operational Excellence and Quality Assurance at NATEL EMS, said, “It’s great to be able to give back to a university like CSUN, especially when it’s right in our backyard. They have a fantastic Undergraduate Engineering Program, as some of their graduates who work for NATEL EMS will tell you. I was especially impressed with the CSUN scholarship selection process that rewarded many of those with less traditional backgrounds.”

NATEL EMS has a long history of hiring CSUN graduates, and hopes to foster and develop a deeper relationship with the school. Scholarship funds will be allocated by the university and awarded to students at the discretion of CSUN. Mr. Bolinger and Dr. Prakash Bhartia, Engineering Fellow, raised the funds through a donation from NATEL EMS.
“I’m quite proud of our executive team, and excited to be involved with a university like CSUN,” said Sudesh Arora, President and CEO of NATEL EMS. “Victor Yamauchi, one of our Vice Presidents, earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering at CSUN, and he’s a great indicator of the quality of the education they offer. I’m a big proponent of education as a means of self-improvement, and of making education more accessible to everyone.”
Sudesh serves on the National Board of Directors of Pratham USA, the largest educational NGO in India, whose goal is to ensure that every child in India receives a quality education. His interest in and advocacy for education have shaped the way NATEL EMS values employee improvement and encourages both on-site and self-directed training and learning.
Will Bolinger also serves on the International Board of Directors for Ugandan LAMBS Association, providing full boarding school and post secondary scholarships to orphans inUganda.
ABOUT California State University, Northridge
California State University, Northridge, is a regionally focused, nationally recognized university serving more than 36,000 full- and part-time students in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Founded in 1958, Cal State Northridge is among the largest universities in the nation and is ranked among the top universities for bachelor’s degrees awarded to minority students. It has nine colleges and more than 2,000 faculty members who teach courses leading to bachelor’s degrees in 69 disciplines, master’s degrees in 58 fields and doctorates in education and physical therapy, as well as 28 teaching credential programs. Continuously evolving and changing to meet the needs of California and the nation at large, the University is home to dozens of acclaimed programs where students gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside faculty and industry professionals, whether in the sciences, health care and engineering or education, political science, the arts and the social sciences. Visit their web site at

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