NATEL EMS Awarded Contract for RF Filters, Meets SPAWAR Standards

CHATSWORTH, CA May 13, 2014 NATEL is breaking new ground in its services to the U.S. military with a five-year contract to manufacture sophisticated radio frequency (RF) filters for U.S Navy and Army communications systems.
“This was a build-to-spec program, designed and executed in house,” says President/CEO Sudesh Arora. “NATEL has engineered solutions in RF for more than a decade and this win allows us the chance to let customers know about our capabilities.”
“We’ve completed nine months of the contract and have already shipped 1804 filters,” added Prakash Bhartia, NATEL’s EVP Engineering. NATEL has full manufacturing capabilities for this high-volume project at its Chatsworth, California, facilities.
The challenging specifications for these RF Filters required NATEL to exhibit highly specialized design and manufacturing capabilities. NATEL is producing three filters, two band pass and one with a difficult-to-execute notch design.
For this contract, NATEL exceeded customer expectations and made amazing things happen in the following ways:

  • The contract requested simulated results. NATEL produced results from actual prototypes.
  • NATEL handled six months of full environmental testing to ensure reliability.
  • NATEL implemented a training program to ensure defect-free production.

“NATEL is constantly elevating our performance to become a leading electronics manufacturer,” Arora says. “We are producing high-quality, innovative products that are the best in the industry, meeting challenging specifications and delivering excellence.”
NATEL is a major independent manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic products, providing low to high volume production for its customers. As one of the largest and oldest privately held EMS companies in the U.S., NATEL is known for solving tough engineering problems that result in high-reliability, high-quality electronics for customers in medical, defense, transportation and industrial fields. NATEL is favorably positioned among mid-tier EMS manufacturers to “make amazing things happen.” NATEL holds and maintains industry specific certifications that include AS9100, ISO 13485, and ISO/TS 16949. Its MIL-PRF-38534 (DSCC) Class H and K certifications certify NATEL’s expertise in designing and manufacturing microelectronic assemblies for space and mission-critical defense programs, placing it in an elite group of defense and aerospace industry manufacturers. NATEL, headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, has manufacturing locations in California, Nevada, Ohio and Mexico. To learn more, visit or on Twitter, @NATEL.

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