Natel Employees receive Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Certification

As part of Natel’s ongoing IQS (Innovation, Quality, Service) philosophy of supporting and partnering with our client community, several Natel employees attended a two day training session to qualify for Raytheon’s Six Sigma Certification.

Raytheon’s Six Sigma program targets cost, quality and schedule improvements by using a cross-functional team and a structured process that focuses on total cost reduction and return on investment (ROI) to better meet customers needs. This disciplined fact-based problem solving approach is designed to help Raytheon achieve a unique corporate culture while developing productivity and growth. Raytheon has undertaken an extensive program to train every employee through a cadre of Experts. These Experts in turn have trained Specialists who help transform their own organizations. For maximum effectiveness, Raytheon has provided this training to its complete team, including its vendors.

Raytheon believes that Key Suppliers are significant contributors to a program’s success. The following Natel employees were trained as Six Sigma specialists.

Congratulations to:

  • Nick Angeloni
  • Prakash Bhartia
  • Manuj Dhingra
  • Varun Dhingra
  • Rosemarie Gunby
  • Jay Klug
  • Ashvin Patel
  • Angela Ortiz
  • Chuck Wilson

for successfully completing the course and earning the title of RAYTHEON SIX SIGMA SPECIALIST.

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