NATEL Begins New Relationship for Satellites

CHATSWORTH, CAAugust 11, 2014 –NATEL EMS will use its most advanced equipment to manufacture wideband detectors and converters as part of a recently awarded contract from a Military Prime Contractor. This contract highlights NATEL EMS’ outstanding capabilities in space level requirement manufacturing. NATEL EMS currently holds several aerospace and defense certifications.
The Wideband detector is one of four modules that NATEL EMS will manufacture for use in satellites to provide additional surveillance and protection for the United States. The detectors are hermetically sealed in titanium housings with multi-channel filter network and input and output amplifier sections. The finished product is approximately 3” x 4” x 0.5”.
Advanced microelectronics materials and techniques required for this contract include some low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate using the DuPont 9K7 technology, package design and production, thin film routing and .001″ placement accuracy. The .001” accuracy is a challenge for most companies, and creating a replicable process would be nearly impossible because of the fragility of the material. However NATEL EMS will find a way to deliver this because of the known value of this program.
“This prime contractor selected NATEL EMS because of our ability to provide very cost competitive space level manufacturing and excellent delivery performance that is fully compliant with their production requirements,” remarked NATEL EMS President/CEO Sudesh Arora.
“This contract is even more remarkable when you realize that this particular Military Prime contractor is known for not outsourcing. We’re excited about the opportunity to reward their trust and further this relationship down the road,” said NATEL EMS Director of Business Development, Jim Hudspeth.

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