Mason, OH Facility goes through Two Week Transformation

The over the past two weeks the Ohio facility received a supporting hand from Victor Yamauchi. Victor is NATEL’s Vice President of Continuous Improvement, a position which has focused intensely on lean implementation and training.
The Ohio facility staff was trained in lean principles. A total of 14 groups including management and business groups, more than 90+ employees total, learned hands-on and in the class room.
Highlights include:
SMT Changeover Team

  • Reducing # of racks, clearing out unnecessary items
  • Performance board setup for monitoring jobs and changeovers
  • Identified sequence for offline and online setups
  • 7 waste reduction throughout the SMT area
  • Many more items identified through problem solving/trial and error

Finish Team

  • Organizing their shelves and folders

Test Team

  • Implementing visual management to locate test fixtures


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