NATEL EMS Invests in New Facility with Lithium Ion Assembly Capability

CHATSWORTH, CA – February 26, 2014 – NATEL EMS is proud to announce it recently invested a significant amount in creating a new facility with Lithium-Ion assembly capability at its location in Chatsworth, CA. The highly advanced plant features state-of-the-art equipment that enables the microelectronics company to expand its capabilities to include advanced module manufacturing in the automotive and space industries. The motivation for the investment is the company’s dedication to taking the necessary risks in order to better serve its customers and remain on the cutting edge of microelectronics manufacturing now and in the future.
The investment included a two-month redesign of a segment of NATEL’s location in Chatsworth, CA, in order to create a new facility with Lithium-Ion assembly capability. Along with a significant amount in construction costs and thousands of man hours, investments include a walk-in cooler, a new Tenney temperature chamber, an automated, double-sided MVP Supra E Automated Optical System with single or two-sided production modes and computer-controlled solder. In addition, NATEL invested in a Hioke Battery Tester, a 5110 Hand Winch Crane and an Intellect Multiple Transducer Module. Moreover, special static dissipating flooring and an emergency lighting system were incorporated into the redesign.
Sudesh Arora, NATEL’s President and CEO, states that developments like this open up two new areas for the company: space systems and large-sized products such as Lithium-Ion batteries for the manned space station. And according to Jonathan D. Davis, Vice President of Corporate Development, “In order to make amazing things happen, you have to take risks. This is one of those instances where we made major internal investments to reintroduce ourselves into the manned space environment.” Davis adds that the investment in certifications and training for Lithium-Ion manufacturing will benefit NATEL’s customers for decades to come.
The engineering team in Chatsworth highlights the value of the new facility to show their customers that NATEL possesses the innovation and expertise to create new products it hasn’t ever manufactured before. Find out more about NATEL’s Lithium-Ion Assemblies capabilities at

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