Sudesh offers 15,000 Square Feet to Charity

After more than a decade of involvement with cancer and leukemia related non-profits, Sudesh has offered 15,000 square feet of the north building in Chatsworth to the Jennifer Diamond Foundation. Below is the press release from the Foundation.
In 2009, we had been given a very large and beautiful 15,000 square foot facility to use for our headquarters. It is a tremendously generous gift from Mr. Sudesh Arora, President of Natel Engineering, and a long time supporter of the foundation.
Presently, we are developing our headquarters into a cancer education and support center. This space has become the Jennifer Diamond Cancer Support Center.
Our new headquarters is home to various programs for people with cancer and their family members. Some of these wonderful programs include support groups, water color art, yoga, quilting,relaxation and guided imagery,line dancing,massage thearapy,qigong,lectures and much more.
These programs not only give these people important information, they also get these people out of their house to mingle and socialize with other cancer survivors in a loving environment. It gives them strength and most important, HOPE!
Working on learning a new skill gives them something positive to focus on while going through their treatments. They’ve told us that their groups are more about the relationships that form, then the quilts that they make. And they thank us for bringing them all together.
This new facility also houses a full video production and broadcast studio that we have been using to create the “Cancer Health Show.” We are committed to making each episode of this inspiring program to be informative, entertaining, and most importantly, tremendously uplifting. We will be making all of these programs available not only on our website, but also through Apple’s iTunes to potentially millions of users.
When we moved in to our new headquarters, it was our dream to turn part of this space into a broadcast studio. To provide this tremendously important information to as many people as possible as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. And we believe we’ve come up with a great way.
Now the dream has started to become a reality. There is nothing like it of it’s kind. And we are tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished. But our studio is only half-finished and we need your help to make this a full reality.
This information is so important to so many people. It gives them hope. And it makes their lives better.
We welcome all of you to visit our new facility to see where your money is going.
The Jennifer Diamond Cancer Foundation wants to thank you for taking the time to be here with us tonight and support our efforts to continue to Empower the Mind and Encourage the Spirit.

Let’s create something wonderful together

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