NATEL Partners with Innovative Engineering Website

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Feb. 23, 2015, To coincide with one of NATEL Engineering Co., Inc.’s goals, the desire to help companies solve engineering problems, NATEL EMS has partnered with Meet Our Engineers to launch a new website, The website is a triple crown of resources for companies looking for innovative engineering solutions, industry news and knowledge, plus a place where partnering companies can showcase their engineering capital. The cutting-edge website encompasses three purposes in one user-friendly format.
First, the website functions as a place where NATEL EMS as well as other partnering companies can showcase their engineering talent in order to inform prospective clients of the exact expertise and range of problem-solving they offer. This innovative partnership model has been developed with business expansion and long-term customer relations in mind.
Second, it’s a comprehensive resource for companies looking for specific engineering expertise to help them solve challenges. Since it’s sometimes more important to find the right engineer for a project than it is to find the right company, Meet Our Engineers provides in-depth information about the engineering talent behind a company. This enables organizations to target an exact expertise match to meet their specific need.
Companies can search listings of engineers with expertise in the following areas: electrical, materials, mechanical, supply chain, biomedical, chemical, computer, electromechanical, industrial and systems, manufacturing and software. The listings consist of online profiles that highlight each engineer’s experience, expertise and education and provide convenient contact forms to request more information.
Third, is a thought leader in engineering and electronic manufacturing. The website is a hub for current industry news and knowledge, reporting on a diverse range of topics such as advanced robotics, fab-sharing and organic semiconductors, and offering useful tools such as the free, downloadable “Best Practices Design and Manufacturing Checklist.”

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