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Extend the reach of your R&D spend and inform your design process with NEO Tech’s manufacturing and supply chain know-how

NEO Tech performs product design and engineering service activity for a growing number of our OEM customers. We can assist you in finding value enhancing solutions with our engineering design services. We operate as a seamless extension of our customers engineering organizations, adding scale, flexibility and speed to their design process. It is our engineering services strategy to become our customer’s engineering partner at any stage of the design cycle to assist in transforming ideas into production ready products.

– Add Engineering Scalability

– Accelerate Time-to-Market

– Add Needed Expertise on Variable Basis

At NEO Tech we deliver these services with a highly skilled and experienced engineering team with decades of experience designing mission critical defense & aerospace, medical and industrial applications.

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Case Study: Collaborative Engineering for Microelectronic Circuit Miniaturization in Satellite Applications

An OEM building and launching geostationary communications satellites needed to design and build a series of new control and telemetry modules for their new satellite system. The new modules needed to fit in a compact physical space while achieving very demanding performance. This required a more miniature electronic package technology versus earlier generations of satellites.

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Case Study: NEO Tech Collaborates with Aviation Industry OEM to Design a New Operations Automation Device for In-flight Use

Re-thinking the Aviation industry product development process: Collaborative engineering solution with NEO Tech results in functional integration of commercial wireless technology into an innovative IT solution for the aviation industry with an accelerated product development cycle.

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                Printed Circuit Board Design In Aviation Industry

Case Study: Medical Sustaining Engineering

Component obsolescence issues that result in supply disruption are a challenge faced by medical industry OEMs with mature products. NEO Tech offers engineering service solutions to assist OEMs in redesign activity that can help them extend the product lifecycle of their products, acting as a seamless extension of the OEM’s internal engineering organizations.

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               Engineering Services Solutions In Medical Industry

Example: Turnkey Medical Device Design

An emerging Medical Device OEM needed a design partner to ready their innovative eye care device for the market. NEO Tech provided complete turnkey design services and the needed electrical design disciplines that the OEM required. Design project outputs included safety and EMC compliance certification, designing in “fail-safes” to enhance the patient experience and an industrial engineered, doctor friendly enclosure.

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Zepto Engineering Turnkey Design Services Solutions

Example: Military Aerospace Sustaining Engineering Services

Obsolete components jeopardized shipments for critical defense program. No suitable drop-in replacement parts and not allowed to spin the base board. NEO Tech designed daughter card to enable new memory components to be used on legacy fab footprint.

Military Aerospace Sustaining Engineering Services

Example: Design of TI DLP Technology in Medical Head’s Up Display

Medical device OEM selected NEO Tech as we are a TI Design Network Partner for DLP Technology. The OEM intended to design a new feature into their diagnostic device using the TI DLP technology chipset. NEO Tech engineers architected, designed and delivered a prototype system that involved successfully fitting the new technology in a very compact space.

Medical Device Circuit Card Assembly

Example: Medical Wireless Sensor Design

A Medical OEM partnered with NEO Tech to integrate electronic sensors and wireless connectivity to their product. The device had to be not much larger than a quarter and work for more than 12 hours between battery charging and be functional underwater. NEO Tech optimized the layout and battery size to fit the compact envelope and achieve the desired life. NEO Tech RF engineers also characterized and designed the antenna to work through waterproof epoxy materials.

Electronic Sensors And Wireless Connectivity Medical OEM

Example: Custom ATE Test Development Services

OEM needed assistance launching new production as they only had engineering scale test process. NEO Tech engineers developed a complete functional test solution including designing the mechanical test enclosure and fixturing, test station software and firmware, and installed and qualified the test station in the production line complete with user manual.

Custom ATE Test Development Services

Texas Instruments LogoDLP Design Network Logo

NEO Tech is a TI DLP Design Network Partner

NEO Tech has been a design and manufacturing partner for TI and their OEM customers deploying DLP technology since 2007. In the area of DLP projection technology used in the modern theater digital projectors, NEO Tech is the manufacturing partner of choice for the OEMs serving this market.

Texas Instruments’ DLP® technology enables innovative optical solutions that disrupt existing end equipment and create new markets. The DLP chip, or Digital Micro mirror Device (DMD), is an array of micro mirrors that can be used for high speed, efficient, and reliable spatial light modulation.

NEO Tech is part of the DLP Design Network. We achieved this as we satisfy the TI criterion that includes being a well-established company that provides hardware/software integration, optics design, system integration, prototyping, engineering manufacturing services, and turnkey solutions to accelerate product development and time to market with DLP technology.

Visit TI’s DLP site for more information »

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