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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) / Circuit Card Assembly (CCA)

NEO Tech’s board-level printed circuit board assembly processes support customers with needs from extremely low cost to extremely high reliability. We offer continuous, contiguous, automatic and cellular manufacturing line configurations to service a wide range of volumes and product mixes with our PCB assembly services.

Our circuit card assembly (CCA) lines are versatile for a variety of sizes and substrates types (FR4, Rogers, metal core aluminum, copper, duroid, ceramic, CEM 1, and CEM 3). We have segregated inventory and production areas for leaded and RoHS assembly. Our lean discipline provides enhanced schedule flexibility while minimizing inventory liability.

PCBA/CCA Manufacturing Overview:

  • Package sizes down to 01005 form factor
  • microBGAs and part-on-part capabilities down to 0.5 mm pitch in production with 0.3 mm pitch process capability
  • Expert PCB design services
  • Package-on-Package (PoP) capabilities
  • Expert circuit card assembly
  • Automated and semi-automated plated through-hole (PTH) assembly
  • Large form factor PCBAs
  • High density PCBAs
  • Column grid arrays and ceramic standoffs
  • IC programming
  • Highly flexible wave solder systems with selective solder capabilities
  • Options for clean zone assembly areas with FOD and ESD controls
  • Automatic product transfer system and adhesive/solder paste dispense with 3D inspection
  • Automatic vision-guided stencil print
  • Upfront process characterization
  • Automatic precision component placement @ 420K per hour per line
  • Linear aqueous or semi-aqueous cleaner
  • Flex and rigid flex manufacturing on various finishes such as bare copper, OSP, ENiAg, and ENiAu
  • Alternative laminate substrates such as aluminum and copper core for thermal applications
  • High dielectric and controlled impedance > 20 layers
  • Conformal coating capabilities for silicon base, acrylic, and urethane
  • Oblique x-ray inspection for Failure Analysis
  • Automatic boat transfer system – Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMEMA) compliant
  • PCB assembly services include availability of low cost regions with redundant equipment in the U.S.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Screen Printers

  • Allow quick product changeover
  • Solder parameters driven by each order’s bar code, eliminating setups
  • Six sigma production performance

Solder Paste Inspection

  • 3D inspection
  • Interfaces with screen printers to automatically adjust settings on the screen printer

SMT Placement Machines

  • >35K placements per hour per placement head
  • Allow quick product changeover
  • Enhanced digital imaging
  • Latest technology Flux Dip application

Optical Inspection

  • AOI and manual systems
  • Ensures high levels of product quality
  • Automated means of detecting part presence/absence, polarity, and solder defects
  • Vector-based algorithms
  • Rapid cycle time

X-Ray Inspection

  • AXI and manual systems
  • Digital cross-sectional x-ray images of solder joints
  • Enables inspection of both sides of a double sided panel
  • Inline or offline options

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