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EOL Materials Management

NEO Tech is privileged to work on many programs that extend far beyond their expected life cycles. We’ve learned that effective life cycle management demands a proactive approach to obsolescence. As NEO Tech starts to work on dormant programs, one of our first tasks is validating supply chain feasibility. We work with a variety of dependable vendors to secure materials and sources that can keep a legacy program alive.

Managing a product’s life cycle requires an ongoing strategy. At NEO Tech we work with our customers to minimize component obsolescence risk.  We maintain a program to monitor Supplier Product Change Notifications (PCNs) but more importantly we  proactively identify potential component obsolescence through our predictive modeling.   We conduct this analysis for customer designs to minimize pipeline risk.






Component Life Cycle/Obsolescence Management

  • Provide proactive leadership and guidance to customers relative to component selection and life cycle management
    • Evaluate bill of material and life cycle risk
    • End of life notifications
    • Last time buy management
    • Predictive life cycle modeling
    • Additional / alternate sources to create competitive tension and reduce single source risk
  • Two procurement engineers and four component engineers dedicated to component life cycle / obsolescence management
  • Monitor component lead times, market condition reports, single sourcing, RoHS, & NCNR statuses of over 30,000 components
  • Advanced tool sets and PCN alerts
    • Silicon Expert (350 CEs, 250 million part numbers, 10,244 suppliers)
    • QuoteWin and Quote FX
    • 100+ disty feeds, 400+ manufacturer feeds, 100 PCNs/day

End-Of-Life Support

  • Strong materials management and engineering  expertise
  • Proactive component engineering recommendations
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Product life cycle analysis

Industry Specific Expertise:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Space

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