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High-reliability Ceramic Substrates, LTCC & HTCC

NEO Tech has emerged as North America’s leading manufacturer of quality low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and high-temperature co-fired (HTCC) substrates and packages. These fabrication technologies provide unique solutions for high interconnect density, compact networks and high-frequency applications. Our ceramic substrate facilities also produce both thin and thick film parts for a wide variety of OEMs in medical, telecommunications, and defense markets.

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic/ HTCC / AlN / Thick Film / Thin Film Substrates and Packages

Ceramic Substrate manufacturing includes:

  • Thick Film
  • Thin Film
  • ECP Thick Film
  • BeO substrates
  • Plating
  • HTCC/LTCC board fabrication

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Systems

  • DuPont 951, 9K7, and 943
  • Ferro A6M, A6S, and L8
  • Gold, silver and mixed metal systems

HTCC Systems

  • Multiple AlN tape systems
  • Thermal conductivity >150 W/mK, Tungsten metallization electroless plated with Ni-Au

Advantages of HTCC and LTCC

LTCC and HTCC technology as a unique solution for high-interconnect density and compact networks, and high frequency applications. Key advantages include:

  • Embedded passive components
  • High density interconnect
  • Cost competitive plated Silver systems available
  • TCE closely matches that of Si, GaAs and SiC (and other associated compounds)
  • Brazed on components (connectors, seal ring, heat spreaders)
  • Hermetic packaging
  • Outstanding long term reliability

Plating Options

  • Ni-Au plated silver metallization
  • Gold (Electrolytic and Electroless)
  • Nickel (Electrolytic and Electroless)

Thick Film Systems

NEO Tech offers standard Thick Film Substrates used in most signal and low power applications. We work with a variety of substrates including BeO, AlN and Alumina (Al2O3).

  • DuPont, Ferro, ESL, and Heraeus Gold, Silver and Copper conductors
  • Substrate sizes up to 4.0″ X 4.0″

ECP Thick Film Systems

NEO Tech also provides next generation Etch Conductor Photolithography (ECP) Thick Film Substrates suitable for microwave and high-resolution lines and space applications. The Thick Film conductor material is fired in a dense, non-porous film over a large area of the substrate. The high resolution lines are then defined using photoresist and etch techniques to achieve widths and spaces as low as 0.003″ (0.0762mm). The ECP process is based around standard thick film Au that is already qualified by many OEMs, thus avoiding long qualification cycles and bringing customers to market quickly. ECP technology allows designers to combine RF and digital functions on substrates, and offers options for integrating capacitors, resistors, inductors, couplers, and filters. Capacitors and resistors can be laser trimmed to obtain +/-3% and +/-1% tolerances, respectively.

  • High frequency applications through 100 GHz
  • Etched conductors [0.001” (0.0254 mm)] lines/spaces
  • Precision layer to layer dielectric alignment (+/- 12.5 micron) in multilayer construction
  • Dense, solid thru-holes [0.007” (0.178 mm diameter)] for interconnection/grounding
  • On-circuit integration of passive components including Lange couplers, resistors (0.5 Ohm – 100 m Ohm, trimmed to 1%) and capacitors (5 – 200pF, trimmed to 3%), inductors, couplers, and filters.
  • 30% to 50% lower insertion loss


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